Friday , January 22 2021

The great fire of Barcelos dominated the fires in the night

Saturday, the fire created by Tamel, the parish church of Santa Leocádia, in the municipality of Barcelos, was controlled at 21:15, said the commander Marinha Esteves in Braga Civil Protection. "The fire is prevalent, but the fighting device is still on the ground," said Lusaka, Civil Defense Officer, adding a total of 100 thirty-three firefighters to 32 vehicles.

The forest fires of a large proportion started in the afternoon and afternoon in the woods and were not near the houses. This situation led to the mobilization of four aerial assets Saturday afternoon afternoon afternoon, according to information from the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC). At nightfall the air was removed because there was no visibility, before controlling the fire, depending on civil protection sources. At that time, Civil Defense Director Lusun explained that "80% of fires dominate the front, because they expect that they will prevail tonight, despite strong winds that have grown."

Photo of the fire after the alarm

Alert was approached at 13:35. The public, the captain Rui Brito, of the Territorial Planning Fires of the Barcelos, GNR, in a camp abandoned in a forest area, has clarified what was created by fire flames. A 60-year-old man was a "live place," which was already portrayed. At the end of the afternoon, no evacuated areas were evacuated.

The Lusa agency said in the afternoon that the source of Internal Relief Operations in Braga (CDOS) said the fire had three active fronts. At 6:50 PM, websites The ANPC defined two active fronts. The Source of the Fire Brigade of Barcelos, PÚBLICO, confirmed the fire dimension of the "fire presence of some neighboring territories".

Blaze attack was two aerial, 25 vehicles and 81 operatives, such as the western fire brigades of Braga, the Fire Brigades and the GNR Protection and Support Group (GIPS). By Minho DailyThere are Fire Fighters, Barcelos and Viatodos, as well as neighboring regional corporations such as Esposende, Braga and Famalicão.

The government calls it in Portuguese to put it at risk

On Friday Civil Defense warns that this will increase the risk of fires in rural areas this Saturday, which is expected to gradually increase the maximum temperature on Saturdays until next Tuesday. From the usual period in time.

"This weather situation is based on the increase in fire fires between Saturday and Monday, the conditions for the rapid spread of fires, especially in the regions of Lisbon and Tagus Valley, Viseu, Aveiro, Guarda, Braga, Vila Real and Bragança," said your organization

On Saturday, this morning, the Minister of Internal Affairs Eduardo Cabrita called for the Portuguese to call "non-behavior" during the following days, taking into account the rising temperature of some regions of the country.

"The country is ready, but, above all, what I meant, the next days, in the face of a greater risk, do not risk calling to the Portuguese," said the Minister of the League XXI. Swedish firefighter from Sweden (LBP).

The governor also assured that the structure "is prepared in its different components," he said, based on the risk areas defined by civil protection. "We have called for the risks we face to the citizens," he said.

On Saturday afternoon, at 15:30 a.m., the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) reported a total of 25 rural fires; 318 operations, 95 vehicles and six active airships were mobilized. 25 fires had five assets and the rest were resolved and resulted.

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