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Volkswagen shares the first image of new electric buggy

It is fascinated with electric cars, which is far from the fuel engine, until the end of some engines starts. Brands are investing in all segments, in the case of Volkswagen, leaving fantastic images of the new buggy.

VW launches some stunning electric vehicles to showcase its new MEB platform. The giant of Germany does not stop here.

Image of Volkswagen with electric car ID Buggy

Electric cars VW I.D concept

German company wants to revolutionize the electricity market. To do this, VW "I.D." The concept has revealed a series of vehicles through the new platform.

These vehicles, which are similar to today's golf, will appear next year 2020. To do this, after the VIZZION ID, CROZZ, the electric electron crossing concept, the "breadworm ID" electric BUZZ, that is, as we all know, will be in the market for 2025.

DNI BUGGY is a new concept

The German authorities have announced that the "ID" electric vehicle will be a reality. BUGGY & # 39; which, as a concept, is not innovative.

The proposal shows the tentacularity of the usual vehicles described above. However, VW says the ID. BUGGY will also be based on the MEB platform (M to talk and locker B ) and shows that "this fully electric platform can be used more than for large-scale series production models."

Volkswagen will deal with niches

This type of approach wants the company to attack new niche markets. Thus, the makers have said that the concept will help "develop a series of low volumes niches".

Concept car ID. BUGGY was unveiled in Geneva in March, but VW released two first images today:

This company is inspired by the buggies built in the Beetle chassis in the 1980s.

Buggy is more than one car. Vibration and energy is on four wheels. These attributes are merged with the new ID. BUGGY explains how a modern and non-retro interpretation of a classic explains, and more than one, the emotional bond that generates electrical mobility.

Klaus Bischoff, head of the Volkswagen designer, said.

This is another concept that will soon see the light of day. In this way, companies have seen trademarks in different segments, although in the manufacture of electric cars, competition seems to be much more than the internal combustion engine. Without a doubt, the basic concept of this market is changing effectively.

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