Tuesday , January 26 2021

2K resolution is becoming the standard in the gaming gaming industry; Eluktronics has introduced the first laptop with a 165Hz 2K display

2K resolution is becoming the standard in the gaming laptop industry; Eluktronics has introduced the first laptop with a 165Hz 2K display

The 1440p resolution may soon become the industry standard for gaming laptops. Eluktronics is the first company to offer a notebook that integrates a screen with 2K resolution and a refresh rate of 165Hz.

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In 2020 we saw some premium models with 4K screens, be it OLED or LCD. It was then a huge leap from Full HD resolution, which has become the standard for laptops. However, the 4K screens integrated in the notebooks increase the price of the products considerably.

According to Dave Lee of Youtuber, however, 2K screens are about to return as a new standard for gaming laptops. Apparently, laptop manufacturers have opted to “set aside” 2K resolution, jumping straight from 1080p to 4K. However, this does not make much sense on small notebook screens. In addition to the high price, autonomy and performance go down considerably.

In addition, some manufacturers offer refresh rates of up to 300 Hz, but they are only Full-HD. In contrast, 2K and 4K resolution screens have so far had 60Hz refresh rates.

Eluktronics is the first company to offer 2K screens used at 165 Hz

Eluktronics is the first manufacturer to launch notebooks that integrate 1440p (2K) screens with 165Hz refresh rates. The new screens are manufactured by BOE and production costs are more than $ 50 for Full HD versions. Below is a clip from the famous Dave Lee Youtuber, who tested the new Eluktronics model.

The screens are also bright enough, they offer 318 nit, but of course they still don’t offer HDR support. In addition to increasing the refresh rate, they also have a 2.5 ms response, making them ideal for competitive games. In addition, in addition to full HD screens for $ 50, it received 100% sRGB coverage and 87% Adobe RGB range.

However, gaming laptops with this screen require relatively powerful graphics solutions. If we look at the new Eluktronics models, we can see that all the models have nVidia’s Super Mobile graphics cards. However, this problem could be solved in 2021, when we should see AMD’s RTX 3000 and RX 6000 GPU mobile series.

Another problematic issue would be scaling to Full HD resolution. Apparently, if we force the switch to 1080p resolution, the image will blur and lack detail, even more so if it is playing natively on the full HD screen. Of course, we also have autonomy restrictions here, but not as strict as in the case of a screen with 4K resolution.

At the CES 2021 technology fair in January, we should see more models announced by other manufacturers. It is possible to see AMD-based variants. In addition, the launch of the new Ampere and RDNA2 GPUs should lower the price of 2070 cards. Then we can see the cheaper notebooks on the 2K screen.

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