Monday , January 25 2021

Adi Miracle disaster! DIICOT costumes want it! Serious accusations against the manelist. Which mega-files would it include?

adi miraria 2

The famous manelist Adrian Minune has arrived, once again, at the police! They allegedly called a case of blackmail and usury.

According to, Adrian Simionescu, with his real name, was called to the police to provide explanations in a case where he is being investigated for acts of blackmail and usury. The file is linked to a network of Brăila treasurers. More specifically, it would be about a file alleging that several Manelists had taken members of the Duduianu clan from their balance sheets.

Previously DIICOT men in disguise were also searched, but were not found at the address indicated.

Only a few weeks have passed since the last problems with the law of the famous manelist. About 3 weeks ago, the police intervened in an event organized in an attic of the Capital, and fined 11 people, a total of 38,500 lei.

These fines included Adi Minune and Tzanca Uraganu.

Adi Minune, the richest manelist in Romania

Several sources talk about Adi Minune’s accounts, which are arched pine trees. This would be the richest manelist in Romania. In fact, it has very expensive cars, only collectible “parts,” such as the Ferrari 458 Spider or Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, bought for 400,000 euros in cash!

Adi Minun gave the children everything they wanted. For example, her daughter Carmen Simionescu gave her a Mercedes GLE, priced at 70,000 euros in the catalog, when she turned 22 years old.

“As a child I felt like a lion in captivity. There were so many beautiful parts, racism, etiquette, envy. These were in childhood. It was my mother who gave us life. That’s why we are respectful children in their place today. Mother is everything. Dad made sure not “But he took part in other things. I don’t remember his need and he wasn’t there with me. We were short. “, Carmen recently told Adi Minune that she was like her father.

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