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Adrian Mutuek SUGGESTS IT! Why did the wedding fail: "You should do it as a man" – News


Adrian Mutu was glad to find Sandrei in two arms after failing. Sandra was born a beautiful boy named Tiago in 2017. At age 40, it seems that the former footballer has found peace and has lived for more than a year in the United Arab Emirates, where he trained the Al Wahda youth team.

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Adrian Mutu married Alexandra and Consuelo. He says that he is a little hurried, but he will not regret taking the decisions. "When I was married, any man could have relationships … But my important relationships were four, three of them were weddings and when I was at high school. Experimenting is well, when it is done well, but you know what kind of man you are. And I understand that if you want to get married, you can do better like a man, as a man of maturity and a person, and I've been running (my brother's wedding), and you do not know how to create things that you do. It means, but you have no experience, "Adrian Mutuek said OK.

Adrian Mutu also stated that he had good relations with former seniors. With a boy Alexandra, Mario, and Consuelo have two girls. We have civilized relationships. When children come from me, it is common for their spouses to know Sandra, and they stay with her for a while. Sandra is a serious and responsible person. And it's natural to see what kind of person he wants. For the sake of children, we can all dine, it's normal. I do not know why we should be shaking ourselves to enjoy this moment, "said Adrian Mutuek.

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