Sunday , June 13 2021

Andreea Bănică and Sofia sing “Christmas carols” together for the first time

Andreea Bănică has already prepared Christmas presents for her fans! The artist has impressed his audience with a moving collaboration with his daughter, Sofia! With! This is the first time that a mother and daughter are perfectly immersed in a special music project. As we are on holiday, they are both launching a sensitive collage that includes the most beautiful Christmas carols!

The magic of the holidays is fast approaching, and the time has begun when the world begins to burst with joy and excitement. Traditionally, with hot cakes, decorated fir trees, sprinkled with the smell of oranges and a song of joy, these holidays remind us of the happiness of being together. Thus, Andreea Bănică has launched for the first time with her daughter, Sofia, a sensitive collage that includes the most beautiful Christmas songs. This moment also marks Sofia’s first step into music, as she has only dreamed of singing with her mother on the big stages since she was just a few years old.

Andreea Bănică and her daughter, Sofia, sing together for the first time

The lady and Sofia show the audience that the most beautiful Christmas and the most beautiful songs are their loved ones, where love is always the purest. The video captures the artist’s special relationship with his daughter, Sofia, and highlights a parent’s strong and so beautiful bond with their child.

“Sofia and I wanted to release a song together for a long time. I would have liked it a few years ago, but she was small and I didn’t think she was ready. It seemed like it was time this year. probably.We started with this collage of songs that we hope the world will hear at home, dear, loving souls, ”says Andreea.

Over time, pop divas conquered the audience with “Crazy”, “What do you want from me” (feat. Balkan), “Linda”, “Relations Department” (feat. UDDI) and “Rain in July” (feat. Jorge) Andreea Bănică also surprised her followers with songs performed in Spanish or English, including “Samba” and “Love in Brazil”, which garnered tens of millions of views on Youtube and in Turkey, including France, Israel, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada, etc. The most popular songs released by Andreea include “Fiesta”, “Sexy”, “In your absence” (feat. What’s UP), “Break the speakers” (feat. Shift), “Same boyfriend” and ” Ale, Ale ”(feat. Narcotic Sound). The artist also knows how to perfectly combine music and full-time motherhood through the vlogs she makes on her YouTube channel.

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