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Arges confirmed 63 cases of influenza. Rules set for hospital admission!

Until 31 January 2019, 63 patients were confirmed at the Piteşti Emergency Management Hospital, of which 25 were adults and 38 children. According to the report, an infectious disease has 12 diseases with 12 illnesses available, and infectious infant infants have 30 beds.

Thus, in the current epidemiological context, preventing the transmission of virus / virus-related health care, specific units for access to the unit were included in the Pitesti Emergency Hospital.

Drive access is only in the unit during business hours and per patient per patient.
► In the exceptional cases admitted to the guest unit, the visit time will be reduced to 10 minutes and visitors will use a mask and a gown and a T-shirt. Their epidemiological triage will be carried out, along with the clinical signs of acute respiratory diseases;
► In high risk sections – Neonatology, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Obstetrics, ATI, Hematology – access to the visitor is prohibited.

Likewise, antiseptics, disinfectants and protective materials have been recovered and antiviral stocks have been placed.

The Ministry of Health recommends that the population be rigorously applied to the recommendations of specialists to prevent glucose virus disease and spread.

►To get in contact with people with respiratory symptoms;
► Approval of people's clusters in closed spaces;
► wearing masks (mouth and nose);
► Treatment of a family doctor to establish symptoms of symptoms due to flu and symptoms;
► Unwanted home isolation of people with symptoms of flu.
respiratory hygiene and cough (cough and technical depth, using nasal flakes), ► far less than other meters, following hygiene hygiene;
flu vaccine

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