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Barcelona, ​​with a salary budget 300 million lower, due to the pandemic. How much does Real Madrid pay their rivals


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Barcelona, ​​hit hard by coronaviruses. Real Madrid also suffers

The Catalans have a salary cap this season 382,717 million. This means almost 300 million euros less than last season, when salaries were paid 656.5 million.

And Real Madrid, who is not ready to offer the captain the contract he wants Sergio Ramos, has dropped significantly. However, the Spanish champion with a salary budget 468,529 million, which is almost 80 million higher than the opponent Barcelona.

Due to the pandemic, the group League they recorded much lower incomes. The closure of stadiums, the return of season tickets and the lower distribution of television rights are the main reasons for the drop in salaries.

Which group has a salary budget of over 100 million euros + pays the least

Atletico Madrid, another well-paid club has a salary budget this season 252,720 million euros.

Next club League, in terms of salary budget, that is Seville, continued Villarreal.

Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad and Valencia are the other teams with fish 100 million euros saved for player pay. He has the lowest salary budget Elche (34.6 billion euros), newly promoted to the first league.

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