Thursday , June 24 2021

Car Tax 2019: Predicts Advances – Who Pays and When It Can Affect – Auto

The Minister of the Environment, Gratiela Gavrilescu, announced that the future owners of vehicles will be paid for all taxable cotton vehicles, only ten years. The latest news form car taxes They will have more "ingredients", but they will not enter it on January 1, 2019, according to the minister.

"As I have said several times, there is no other type of pollution tax or environmental stamp or word tax, instead I have argued that the polluter pays only CO2 emissions, but also in the case of waste, and, on the other, polluters pay Within the framework of the Ministry of the Environment, the Funds for the Administration of the Environment, the RAR, Transport and Finance Ministries (…), they have found the last form in consultation with two Romanian manufacturers of automobiles, which have been under the guidance of a specialist in the years, and nowadays we can count on several consultants, Therefore, we do not find any potential contribution to the population when a cylinder used in the vehicle that needs CO 2 emissions must pass a certain capacity that could cause emissions and pollution regulations, "said yesterday, the minister, Ploieşti, writes

"The final form is approaching. This contribution does not mean that the component will have a single component and notify the public and that it can provide accommodation, information and citizenship, with a total decision of ten years older than ten years of being infected. and give it a chance to buy a clean vehicle, "said Gratiela Gavrilescu.

What did the minister say about the new tax notice

"The team of our co-workers at the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, Transportation, Romania's manufacturers of vehicles and NGOs, the air quality study, the harassment arising from harassment is no longer altered (it is impossible to predict anything) Environment Ministers.

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