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Cornelia Catanga says she is poor, but her gestures betray her. What the artist is really looking for

It seems that the famous violin music soloist Cornelia Catanga has reached the end of her powers and cannot cope with homework. Thus, the artist decided to hire a housekeeper from the little he earns as a result of the pandemic.

Cornelia Catanga says she is poor, but her gestures betray her

In addition to classical working conditions, the singer is also highly pretentious. Because of other housewives who fled their homes with property, the future employee will have to file a criminal record.

In the past, Cornelia Catanga had another help with homework, and now she is looking for help again. The housekeeper to be hired must meet a number of conditions if he wants to work in the artist’s house, in a villa near the Capital:

“I’m looking for an urgent internal housekeeper, weighing 60-55 kilograms, without too many duties. She has a good salary, she will have delicious food, a good place to sleep. She will get two days off in two weeks. it can be, ”Cornelia Catanga announced, according to

Other housewives stole her belongings from her home

Cornelia Catanga has had unpleasant experiences in the past. In 2011, the artist complained to police after running out of jewelry, cosmetics, a mobile phone and a sum of money. At the time, three housewives were working for the famous singer, two from Buzău and one from Urziceni.

“The 16-gram gold earrings I received from my grammar, the gold I received from my mother, disappeared when my son was born,” says Cornelia Catanga.

The artist, a year and a half before the strange souls were exhausted, was robbed by another worker, and stole some goods, including gold, and then fled.

Cornelia Catanga at the end of her powers

So the artist is now working as a housekeeper, even though he said some time ago that he is helping his son live. After losing the house, Cornelia Catanga rents and pays 800 euros a month.

“I live with the help of my son. I’m disappointed if the bank takes my house. If I sued, I would win. The bank threatened me. I didn’t know what that meant, and instead of coming to throw me out, I left. It wasn’t easy for me. “My son brings money home. But now he doesn’t even have it. I have some power, does anyone believe us?”, said Cornelia Catanga of Antena Stars.

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