Monday , October 3 2022

Cozmin Guşă: Rareş remains in Bogdan until he understands his mistake


Realidad TV, Cozmin Guşas, told Rareş Bogdan to look after the telescope light. "Given the theme audience, Rumania was the soap opera leader Rareş and, of course, the director," he said. Also, Cozmin Guşă

"Oradea and Oana Realidad are family, full family, all our employees, ourselves, our collaborators and, of course, our audience and fans. Reality, being Oreste and Oana, is a painful thing. It was painful for me, weird …We must judge the courts from two angles. Personal and professional angle. From personal point of view, what can I say, I'm subjective here. I know rarely about 20 years, I do not want to be abused, but I have a caring and close relationship with my father and mother, I know best. Perhaps Tavi Hoandra, our friend and colleague, brings with it, or perhaps Eduard Helving already knows that the current CEO of the SRI is a former teacher. There are a lot to say, "explained Cozmin Guşak.

He also said again, he spoke with Rares He told her what he did not go into the post to admit his mistake to his colleagues, aside from me.

"Last night it might have been my last evening maybe in the last ten years. I thought I was sad and I noticed what happened in 2008, when my former friend, Sorin Ovidiu Vântu, had a great friend. He then preferred the secret service and money. I will not say more, but I felt sadness, I can compare it to what I feel today, but I do not compare the characters in any way. What he did because Rareş did not expect, and when you make investments from a personal point of view you will not ask for any payment, "Cozmin Guşa has been added.

Reality also told television from the professional point of view, what Rareş Bogdan said and did not speak. "There are other things that you can tell from a personal point of view on Thursday evening or on Friday. I know it is brave, it has two speeds. Speed ​​and speed of being talented, and frightening or emotional speed, which has happened now. We are in a family, Reality is a family of television, and we are all, as well as Edward Pastia and Rares, as well as discovering a goat goat because of a bad inspiration. Our viewers need to understand that there is no scriptwriter here, and they do not think everything Oreste gets madI'm 20 years old, "Cozmin Guşa said.

When Orestes did not appear when Reales did not meet, Cozmin Guas also said that Orest was a better truth and had never been proposed at the party. "There is no word, Orestes did not appear, there were rare situations that appeared with the name of Reality. It's an internal job, but it is clear that the leaders explained to me and I would like to have a debate with Oreste but I did not have time in the last ten days, "he explained.

"Something else remains here, honesty is in favor of friendship and your personal identity has a certain standard and duty, unfortunately not happening," said Cozmin Gusa.

According to him, The Power Games brand is a registered trademark of Realidad TV. "But what's more important than that is the collective brand that we've got. We understand our intelligent viewers, of course, it's a dead man because no one helped it after a long and stupid time. Besides, our viewers did not help anyone else. said Reality TV owner.

"In his personal aspect, he looks at me and me. However, the professional part is a public and must submit to his colleagues excuses. That's normal. The brave I know is doing something like that, but he often apologizes, which he appreciates. This time he went too far and he can not save his affairs of Reality unless he confesses a particular mistake. Our collective game. They have a rare show because they support it and they work. This is not an individual thing. I have never played a stock market in times when it was necessary for authority. Nobody saw me guards. Here we have reasons and debates. I'm sorry that we have to talk about the TV show soap opera events. But that's it, sometimes you give it up. I think that Rareş has put pressure and impact on it, it's not easy to present every night and fight with Dragnea's mafia, it's not easy to continue with John's help, as he still does, even though he does not. There is no such argument. It's not easy to get some Facebook messages. I do not know how easy it is, but that's why we work in groups, "explains Cozmin Guşak.

"My personal work between myself and myself will remain between me and myself, and there will be no tabulation or public debate. If it was created before the audience, the evil one should assume that conscious knowledge and the audience, not just in front of his colleagues, was a mistake, "concluded Cozmin Guşa.