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eMAG – Cat device Apple iPhone covers all phone models at this time, discount

eMAG has very good prices for all Apple mobile phones. IPhon offers greater or lesser discounts depending on the model chosen.

In eMAG – the list of all Apple phones in eMAG can be seen HERE.

eMAG offers its great prices at all iPhone models, so we have chosen to offer the best deals.

eMAG – Apple iPhone 5S

The cheapest model for iPhone 5s is even a little older yet with today's technology and performance. Apple can incorporate low quality quality with this model, with less than 1,500 ROLs. The full offer can be found HERE.

eMAG – iPhone SE mobile phone

The next model price is the SE, especially for an iPhone released for this purpose: Apple's high-quality accessibility technology. The plastic case and other Apple commitments make this mobile phone cost more than 2,000 laws. Here you will find an eMAG discount offer.

eMAG – Apple iPhone 6 Plus

There has been a downward trend in other phones, Apple iPhone 6 Plus. This mobile phone has a memory of 16GB and has a larger screen than previous version models. FIND YOU, you will find all the details of the offer.

eMAG – iPhone 6S Phone

Stock stock limited to iPhone, eMAG has a great price at this time. Your phone has 32GB memory and 24-month warranty. The phone also has a 3D Touch recognition function and many more features. Its price is HERE.

eMAG – Apple iPhone 7 mobile phone

Apple iPhone 7 has 32GB memory and the most profitable model is gold with a discount of 230 lei. iPhone 7 significantly improves the most important aspects that define iPhone experience. Provides new advanced camera cameras, the best performance and the longest autonomy of the iPhone model. All the offer and price details are available for HERE.

eMAG – Apple iPhone 6

It also has a limited stock, the iPhone 6 model, a very good 64GB version, a very generous storage space that stores pictures, movies, apps and music. Enhanced screen is an important point of this model, the first application to the Retina HD iPhone 6. The price is HERE.

eMAG – Apple iPhone 7 Plus Phone

The latest offer we offer is Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This mobile phone has 128 GB of the most generous memory and its price, discount on eMAG. The query HERE can be accessed.

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