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EXCLUSIVE Unreal revelations 3 years after the death of Stela Popescu. Her first husband breaks the silence: “No one cared”


“No one cared for Stela Popescu in the last hours of this land. This is my great sorrow, the death of this wonderful woman alone, and in my last hours, no one around her realized what she was going through, that is, fighting for her life that was! ”This is the confession made to Impact. by radio theater director Dan Puican, the first husband of the late Stela Popescu.

He still has a strong belief that if anyone noticed on November 22, 2017, in Stela Popescu’s last public appearance, that he has difficulty walking, to speak, that he lost the last trophy he received, perhaps among the living that would be there today.

“I’m so sorry he died alone at home without anyone lighting a candle. I think he died on the evening of November 22. He didn’t answer the phone the next morning. He was the one who answered immediately. He didn’t even get to ring the phone twice.” It’s a shame! ” says Puican.

On the third anniversary of his disappearance, Dan Puican, 87 in March, is traditionally preparing for Christians:

“My wife, Mioara, will prepare some packages and we will go to church on Saturday to pray for the Star’s soul.”

He says he hasn’t dreamed of it lately, but that it will remain until the end six decades ago on the stage of the State Theater in Brasov, with the current “Sica Alexandrescu,” a tireless recollection of ordinary performances. .

“Fate means he played with Stela Popescu in November 1960, in Brasov, on the show ‘A Million Smiles.’ Well, I was fascinated by me and the audience from the first moment. , charming, full of life. He captured comedies, but he adapted brilliantly and dramatically. As I saw on the stage in Brasov, he appeared to me even after he left us, in dreams. And I regained the feeling of well-being 60 years ago. “ Dan Puican told us.

He played alongside Stela Popescu in six or seven plays performed in Brasov, from 1960-1963, while Stela Popescu was on the Brasov theater group.

“During her artistic career, Stela Popescu didn’t do a single exam to join any theater group she went to. At the time, the capital was closed. After graduating, you went one hundred percent to the province, with your distribution in your pocket. But our Stars quickly dribbled into the system. he had great talent, first going to the theater of “Constantin Tănase” magazine, then to “Comedy,” and then back to the magazine.

The young Stela Popescu, when he conquered Dan Puican

He says that he was so fascinated with his colleague that he could not resist the temptation to ask her to marry him, which is extraordinary:

“It was autumn, October or November, I don’t know, but I started the moment again in the book I wrote about Annie Musca, . I remember today. Stela was playing with her birth certificate one afternoon during a rehearsal break. And suddenly I took courage: . The answer came with an accident that disarmed Dan Puican: ”.

On November 14, 1960, Dan Puican officially married Stela Popescu. After long tours from Transylvania and the country, by minibus or train. Or the unforgettable performances of Louis Armstrong and Charles Aznavour on a trip to Bucharest. The marriage lasted eight years. But one day, Stela Popescu fell madly in love with what she would spend the next three decades of her life with director Mihai Maximilian. Who, of his own free will, stole from his home in a Renault 16.

A few years later, Dan Puican forgave him. In fact, together with his current wife, Mioara, they spent an unforgettable summer together at Stela Popescu’s house, the coastal resort, on May 2nd. Stela Popescu left us on November 23, 2017, at the age of 82, after a coup.

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