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Gift wallet for those who buy a processor and board


PC Garage has announced a new edition of the “We equip you for free” campaign, this time to be applied when purchasing the Intel platform.

Thus, those who want until December 13, 2020 buying a 9th-generation Intel processor and a compatible compatible board, they will receive a Deepcool Matrexx 55 case as a gift.

In a bid to reward customer loyalty, PC Garage has become accustomed to these campaigns in an effort to offer hardware products free or attractive discounts. The “We equip you for free” campaign has always been diversified, offering a variety of very useful gifts especially when building a computer from scratch, so the current edition is based on Intel processors and compatible motherboards.

The 9th generation Intel processors also known as Coffee Lake are available in a variety of models. Whether you need a powerful 3D rendering processor or a low-power processor at a very affordable price, the Coffee Lake generation has ways to meet all the needs of users. The processors support DDR4 and Intel Optane, are built using a 14 nm manufacturing process and have very low power consumption.

These are the Intel models involved in the promotion.

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The motherboards available in the campaign offer an interesting variety with a wide range of addressing. This way, those who want an office system can choose a highly accessible motherboard on the B360 or B365 chipset. On the other hand, Z390 chipset motherboards are available for fans or users of high-performance looking video games.

They are campaign models available here.

PC Garage recommendations for this edition:

  1. I7-9700K processor + Gigabyte Z390-UD motherboard
  1. I9-9900 processor + ASRock B365 Pro4 motherboard
  1. I9-9900K processor + MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC motherboard

Gift box Deepcool Matrexx55

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Highly appreciated by the hardware enthusiast community, the Deepcool Matrexx 55 wallet provides everything a regular user needs. From design to specifications, Matrexx 55 dominates every chapter and is a modern and practical solution for any type of computer built (games, editing or office).

The case offers a transparent side panel made of safety glass and can be equipped with 6 fans. It supports a 370mm long video card and a cooler 168mm high CPU. The model also offers 2 USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port, headphone and microphone sockets, special design elements for wire management, but also a magnetic dust filter at the top.

You can find more details about the case by watching a video review by PC Garage experts.

The period of the “We supply you free – Intel Edition” campaign2020.11.28 – is 20.12.13 within the available stock.

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