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Hlistei and Rapid received an ANAD decision after the player failed the anti-doping test last season

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After appearing in the “Hlistea case” for almost two months, the Agency made a decision and closed the case.

In late September, Cătălin Hlistei, the top scorer for the Rapid team, was called up to ANAD do a test the opposite of the doping achieved last season. Hlistei sa he pleaded not guilty, And after appearing before a committee from ANAD, he received approval to continue playing. But the case was not closed.

Hlistei has not violated anti-doping regulations

“The National Anti-Doping Agency decided that our footballer Cătălin Hlistei did not violate anti-doping regulations in terms of doping prevention and control in sport after finding the substance betamethasone in his biological test.

Considering that the substance used by Cătălin Hlistei was administered orally, not orally, internally, intramuscularly or directly, and as a result of the presence of this substance in the biological sample, despite the positive anilitic result and use, the administration of nasal drops be one, art. 2, paragraph 2, letters A and B, no. 227/2006, on the prevention and combating of doping in sport.

Cătălin Hlistei is the current top scorer in the second league, has scored seven successes and scored 24 goals in 51 games for Rapid, ”the Rapid statement said.

Told Hliste after going to the National Anti-Doping Agency

“I have only one thought: what keeps me from falling strengthens me. I didn’t stop to think too much about it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

I have the word and I don’t know if I should say it or not: dogs bark, bears pass by. I’m not influenced by criticism or people pointing fingers at me. I know very well what I did, I know very well that I am not to blame, but they will decide for themselves. “, he told Hlistei after the match.

Rapid’s reaction after Hlist’s case: “He can play, he uses drops that help him breathe”

“Things are pretty simple. Our player underwent nose surgery in 2014, he had a nose injury in 2016 and since then he is dependent on a certain substance to help him breathe.

Anti-doping control took place after Rapid’s match with Turris, from the playoffs. When the results arrived, the substance was found in his body, which is prohibited in some forms of administration.

Such as oral, injectable and so on. But not in the administration of the nose, which he did to Hlistei. He can play, we are waiting for the results. There are drops that help relieve breathing. The doctor knew, I don’t think we all needed to know from the club. It is not forbidden.

He can play without any problems. We were called to explain how this substance was administered, that’s all. Other players do the same, those with respiratory problems. concentration we are waiting for the results that will show how the substance was administered. Things are going well, no one is worried. “, said Lucian Ionescu, after listening to ANAD’s Cătălin Hlistei.

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