Monday , January 25 2021

how much was sold at auction

The field of vintage product auctions is very fascinating. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like Super Mario Bros. 3 to become the most expensive game in history.

Super Marios Bros. 3 is one of the most popular and beloved games in history. He is not the only one at every level and everyone knows what a Mario game is all about. However, since it has been sealed and not open for several decades, someone has decided that it is justified to pay a wonderful amount to achieve this.

Illustrated in the image above, it was negotiated through an auction organized by the heritage auction. With this financial performance, Super Marios Bros. 3 earned its place in the industry’s history book with the title of the most expensive video game ever sold at auction, for $ 156,000, according to The Verge.

The version of the game is dedicated to the old NES console, a toy that is inherently a curiosity. However, this detail is not so important, as it is unlikely that he will go to the house where he bought it to remove the stamp.

Super Mario Bros. auction. 3 They started at $ 62,500 and tried to get less than 20 people to hand. The $ 156,000 record exceeds the first $ 114,000 record set for a video game in July this year. The game, which sold out in July, was a copy of Super Mario Bros., the first iteration of the game.

Not only was the unreasonably high price of this copy sealed, it was also due to the “wrong” design of the box. Curiosity is the term Bros. it should be written on the left side of the box, on Mario’s glove, instead of being on the right, it also has more space. The conclusion is that we are talking about one of the first iterations of production. The exterior of this unit had a Wata rating of 9.2 A +. Another similar version of Super Mario Bros. 3 Wata 9.0 Ak valued at only $ 38,400.

A few days ago at the same auction, the most expensive game in the Pokemon series was sold, Pokémon Red is rated at 9.8 A ++ Wata. That was valued at $ 84,000.

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