Thursday , January 21 2021

How to decide whether to enter quarantine. A special case for Bucharest

Quarantine input is based on a system for scoring all applicable restrictions. It is not an arbitrary measure and is taken after extensive analysis. These are the explanations of the head of the DSU, Raed Arafat, after the Capital, 6.6 diseases per thousand inhabitants, after being asked why it is not included in the quarantine.

DSU chief Raed Arafat told Jurnalul de Sear that the quarantine in Sibiu and Sălaj can be seen to work, as the number of coronavirus diseases has dropped significantly.

Asked what the state of the capital is why is there no quarantine in Bucharest?, although cases of illness are on the rise, Raed Arafat replied: “Because we don’t just consider the number, we don’t just consider the incidence, there are several things that the DSP considers.

There are all general measures taken for more than 3 per mile: closed restaurants, theaters, cinemas. There are traffic restrictions at night, shops close at 9 p.m. These are measures that have already been taken. Ilfov In my opinion, it has been decided to take a measure that will affect Bucharest, as many areas are residential. The movement of those who go to work will be accepted, they have reasons, but the movement that is not essential will be very limited. They will be limited to the activities included in the order. It will have an impact here.

That’s where it comes from DSP Bucharest, with the municipal committee, INSP, for analysis, can come at any time with the proposal at the time they consider“.

In his opinion, when asked if the Capital should be quarantined, the head of DSU said that he does not have all the data in this regard, but that there is a score established with the INSP.

“This score must be made to determine whether this is the case. Quarantine measure or additional restrictive measures in all cases that can reduce the number of cases. No one can deal with it. But the moment this is carried out must be decided. they have taken public action and there we see some positive signs.

If you want to reduce it quickly, as is the case in Sălaj, Sibiu, Albă, Baia Mare, additional reduction measures can lead to these results more quickly.

But a score is examined. It seems to me that 60 points must be passed to be approved by the INSP. The decision was made not to be arbitrary, under pressure, rather than according to the score, ”Arafat explained.

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