Monday , January 25 2021

Huge scandal: Chef Scarlatescu and chef Florin Dumitrescu fought directly with “Chefs with knives”: from now on, it doesn’t exist for me

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A huge scandal in the last edition Chefs on Knives: Chef Scarlatescu and Chef Florin Dumitrescu got into a fight, managing to say harsh words.

Maximum tension in the last edition of the show “Chefs with knives”. Chef Scarlatescu and chef Florin Dumitrescu uttered harsh words, declaring war directly:

The competitors of the three chefs had to face another unique challenge and had to do 80s and 90s style sets, which gave them a lot of problems.

However, Florin Dumitrescu’s competitors did a great job and, dear chef, proud of the work he did, he went to chef Cătălin Scarlătescu to show off his competitors ’dishes which made him angry to the core.

The competition has reached an alarming level with the two leaders of the famous TV show. After trying to brag to his competitors in front of chef Florin Dumitrescu Scarlatescu, the latter exploded.

Chef Florin Dumitrescu: “Officially, Scarlatescu is no longer for me”

“Officially, from this moment on, Cătălin Scărlătescu does not exist for me!”, Cătălin Scărlătescu is disappointed by the reactions of his good friend.

Then the two leaders made peace and reconciled, as usual, forgetting the previous event.

In an interview, Cătălin Scarlătescu talked about his alleged girlfriend. Confidential about her statements about her personal life, the beloved chef avoided giving a clear answer after being asked if she has a life partner, but admitted that she had invested all her feelings in every relationship she had. time.

“Well, you know I’m discreet. How can I answer that question?” (…) I have been really in love. I fall in love all the time, even if it’s short-lived, ”Cătălin Scarlătescu told VIVA!

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