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I said, cinefil in Montenegro – Romania: "Singing in the rain" with "Ţucu" and "Tătă" »

Romania has won with the moral victory of Lithuania, and many have said that Ploieşti's success is the oxygen of the non-found core. Soon, the problems have been revived. Răzvan Marin, Romario Benzar and Alex Mitriţăâ € ™ s injuries have been frightened by counter-accounts. You still say that, however, the selective one was once again questioned. Against Montenegro, especially for Romania, the game was strong. In theory, it was essential to finish the team and, secondly, we wanted to recover "tricolors" from their ashes. In the end, we went to post 2, Contra's students did a good match, but … We were divided into four groups. Clean the deadly!

Obviously, Post 2 made more opportunities for Euro 2020, if C League's winning leagues could get through the classic system. It's good, as always, and this time I was in the hands of others. More specifically, Serbian Lithuania was a fictional theme. But some fairy tales are not true, just like in our team, "beautiful" but "early house" (more). The Lithuanians had a bad start at 1-4, and also think Scotland-Israel lost 3-2. However, the calculations were complex, but after the victory we did not have to be.

I said, cinefil in Montenegro – Romania: "singing in the rain" with "Ţucu" and "Tăta"

Gigi Multescu, a technical technician up to now, squeezed it with Cosminel's hot soup, on the eve of Taman's match. "If we finish in 3rd place, it's clear that it can not be. A new player must have a new project for the next season, with Serb in the match, we did not play until the minute 40. We're humiliated,, he said, among others, former coach of Astra. However, it coincides with the other competitors of the screen, although it is normal, it would be a technician who is not left out of the lessons. At least … Serbia does not play, because it's an example, remember how we played with the start (1-1 points) with Montenegro. It's dusty, but we live in collective amnesia and remember what we see in the painting. In fact, the painting shows "dead nature" in all shades. I mean, I was beating, I overcame the Lithuanian lute, we were defeated in Montenegro, but when we fight with the help of God, we lose our breath.

To recapture the game, Contra thought the starting team, especially after saying: "We need to attack and go back fast, so we start to counterattack." The picker came out and went out. Although Puşcaşek made a fantastic game of Ploieşti with the Baltic players, he played his first game as an official title player, with Contra Tukudea, when he was very lucky. But rain rages and Rumania is considered offensive in the first semester, unlike Skaapunaru and Moţi's mistakes. The opposite view, in order to accomplish all the attack, "pieces", like Chipciu, Keseru, Maxim and Tuccudean, gives fruit. The problem is that we had to overcome our situation earlier, not at the market stage …

In the end, all attack!

The host wanted to postpone the match, Podgorica poured the boat and the rain red code ends at the end of the game. It is impossible that the host was played in the same flood, and this was the goal of Tukuda. In the end, however, we saw an interesting movie, and ours "sang" they rained, how they played pleasure and, above all, boldly. For ancient filmmakers, the Montenegrin story recalls the famous Hollywood Singing in the Rain, but this time the artists were not Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds, but George Tucudean and Ciprian Tătăruşanu defended a penalty.

Indeed, as we have seen in the "other movie", finally, we put our hearts into the teeth and we took the back of the door and we were losing out. The phase is beyond the offensive (where, however, in sacking, there is another old stroke …), "I saw" (although parallel to the cinema), sensuality Tossa, who had kept the skin of the skin several times over the brave. Sadly, Moti and especially Sapunaru played in another "production", at the very least, committed to "horror punishment", a completely incomprehensible experience.

At one point, we also dreamed of winning the team, but eventually it's time to reach maturity. The show we liked was a breakthrough. Tragedy is not always that Van Damme and Bruce Willis could not go to the football field. That's the way you're addicted to others and not knowing how to manage your life. This happens in football and "in profane".

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