Friday , June 18 2021

Interesting automotive movements – Nissan wants to renew its agreement with Renault: Alliance & nbsp; not peer to peer & # 39; – New sources

Nissan Motor, executive director Hiroto Saikawa, said Monday that he plans to revise the company's current alliance with Renault, according to Japanese business sources, according to local media, according to EFE, according to

Saikawa announced the announcement by Nissan Motor of a meeting with automobile personnel, according to Kyodo news reports, citing company sources.

Kyodo cites Saikawa, arguing that the alliance with today's Renault is "not peer-to-peer."

The ability to review Nissan's alliance was proposed at a meeting with the staff, some of them via videoconferencing by NHK television.

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This week the president of Nissan announced that Renault, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in Tokyo for the alleged irregularities for his income recognition.

Ghosn, 64, became the major architect of the two-year alliance with Nissan Renault and Nissan Renault, and Mitsubishi later joined Nissan as its top shareholder.

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Renault currently controls 43% of Nissan's shares, Japan has only 15%. Renault has the right to vote at Nissan Motor Board, but the Japanese company does not have French.

Saikawa was named after Nissan after arresting Ghosn and President of Nissan Motor, last Thursday.

In this context, Saikaka argued that the arrests of Ghos did not have an alliance with Renault.

"The alliance will not have any effect," Saikawa said a week ago.

On Thursday, the Nissan Motor Council decided to keep the "betting" of this alliance and confirmed the need to "minimize possible impact" on Ghost's detention.

This week, a meeting of senior executives Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi will be held in Amsterdam for the future of the alliance.

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