Tuesday , November 24 2020

It’s just now! What happened to Adi Petre on the FCSB. How to get to the humiliating moments from Gigi Becali’s team

The pressure of the footballers who came to the FCSB sometimes causes the players to be blocked and this aspect was also felt by Adrian Petre, brought on by the great Gigi Becali. A few months after the striker left the FCSB, some information can be explained about what happened to the Romanian international.

Adrian Petre fled the FCSB in early October when Italian Gigi Becali accepted Cosenza’s offer. The Serie B club loaned the striker until the summer of next year for 50,000 euros. If he wants to transfer permanently, Cosenza will have to pay another 250,000 euros.

FCSB has decided on the next transfer. Gigi Becali, convinced to bring the direct defender of the team

What happened to Adi Petre on the FCSB. Explanations from Italy

Until Sergiu Buş arrived, Adrian Petre was the main man in the FCSB attack, but the pressure on him was tremendous as he was brought in to replace Harlem Gnohere.

After some monumental mistakes, Gigi Becali criticized Adrian Petre, who allegedly clicked his way. Recently, Cosenza coach Roberto Occhiuzzi revealed some interesting aspects about the Romanian striker, and was impressed by the U21 national team jersey.

The Italian coach revealed that Adrian Petre is a sensitive guy who needs the help of those around him. All these details contradict the statements made by Gigi Becali at the FCSB on the pitch for men and fighters.

Roberto Occhiuziki indirectly reproduces some of the reasons why the footballer failed in the FCSB: “We have been following Adrian Petre closely in the summer transfer window. In recent weeks, he has grown a lot and understands what he is asking for. He is a very sensitive boy and needs to feel the trust of those around him. I’m sure his time will come, but I’m the one who needs to make him feel important. We will see its characteristics soon “, said the coach of Cosenza, according to Cosenzachannel.it.

Adrian Petre experienced some humiliations at FCSB, Gigi Becali’s team

The former FCSB footballer lived through all the difficult moments of digestion in Gigi Becali’s team. The first took place in a match against Backa Topola, the prelude to the Europa League. At a time when the FCSB did not have 18 players to play for Serbia, the staff preferred the newcomer Buziuc, while Adrian Petre remained on the bench, to everyone’s surprise.

Then, before leaving FCSB, Petre had a normal gesture, in the match played with Poli Iaşi, when he changed, in the first half hour of the match.

So far, the footballer on loan from FCSB to Cosenza has not won a win in Serie B. Adi Petre has played two league games and one Italian Cup match.

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