Monday , January 25 2021

New MacBook laptops of the future will still have this processor

New MacBook laptops of the future will still have this processor

MacBook laptops with the M1 chip have appeared from Apple in the United States, and a rumor has it that the company will launch laptops designed in 2021. But a certain source says that Apple will launch these laptops designed with the M1, as well as another processor.

According to a recent rumor, in 2021, Apple will finally launch MacBook laptops designed in the United States. It has been speculated that there will be MacBooks with an M1 (or M2) chip, but it looks like MacBooks with an Intel processor will also be included.

That’s according to a source that has been pretty accurate in the past. In fact, that makes sense. When Apple initially announced it would abandon Intel processors, the Cupertino company said the transition would be completed within 2 years, during which time it will continue to launch laptops with Intel processors.

Although the M1 MacBook has had good reviews in terms of performance, it does lack some features that Intel Macs have, such as the ability to run most software designed for x86 processors.

Although the M1 comes with Rosetta 2 conversion software, it doesn’t have to be the perfect setup. In addition, there are users who want to use Windows and macOS operating systems on Apple and MacBook laptops, and this is currently impossible for the M1 chip.

Apple-based Apple Macs support more RAM, up to 32 GB, which is important for some. However, treat this information with caution for the time being.

But it would come as no surprise that Apple in the United States will continue to produce MacBook laptops based on Intel processors for a while.

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