Monday , January 25 2021

Oana Zăvoranu has exceeded any limit! Unprecedented humiliation for Oana Roman through her daughter: “Isa, are you all right, girl?”

Oana Zavoranu Oana Roman

Oana Zăvoranu has crossed any line this time. The war with Oana Roman is getting hotter and hotter and it doesn’t look like the actor will stop. He was cruelly humiliated in front of everyone.

The other day, Oana Roman posted a video on her personal Instagram account in which she told fans what her menu was that day. Although the artist claimed that she ate only a portion of banana and pizza, her daughter, Isabel, completely contradicted him, saying that her mother ate even more.

It didn’t take long, and Oana Zăvoranu reacted. He was amused by the situation, saying that Oana Roman was arguing with her child because she was telling the truth. On the other hand, Oana Roman says that the actress publicly assaulted her daughter.

“If you need help, look for me. I have nothing to do with you, I have nothing to do with you! You are not guilty of being me. Isa, are you all right, girl? Legend has it that Oana Roman ate Isa after this shooting,” wrote Oana Zăvoranu his Instagram account.

Oana Zăvoranu did not stop here and criticized Oana Roman’s daughter for taking vlogs and sending her to bed, which worried many of the former prime minister’s daughters.

Isa started using vlogs. That was missing. More little girl in bed … leave your mother because she doesn’t know about herself, ”the brunette added.

How Oana Roman reacted

Oana Roman’s reaction was completely unexpected. Oana Zăvoranu says the star is able to go to court because of her statements about her daughter.

Oana Roman could not hold back and gave an answer to Oana Zăvoranua, stating that she was ready to give the answer in court for her daughter’s statements about the purple.

“Dear, today is the exception with the permission of the administrators. Please, I need some specific legal advice to file a complaint and there is any other legal way to prosecute a person who stole a photo with my child without my permission and publicly denounced that child on social media. while they were there, I didn’t react to getting into a conflict with a man who had serious mental problems, but the attack on my child and any child is unacceptable to anyone.

I think there is no precedent in the world for someone to attack a young child. I want to know if there is a legal way to attract civil and civil liability for this thing. I need a good lawyer and decision to help in that effort. Thank you. As of this morning I am no longer just a human being and only a human being with a parent or a minimum of humanity can understand what it is like to have your child harmed, ”Oana Roman wrote.

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