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It seems that not all smartphone manufacturers think of folding models as representative of the future. Whether Samsung, Huawei or Motorola have gone in that direction, Oppori is coming up with a new idea, albeit at a conceptual level at the moment: mobile phone.

Oppo X 2021 was introduced at the Oppo Inno Days 2020 event and I have to admit that the technology behind this device seems to me to be as challenging (even if not as difficult) as it used on phones with folding screens.

The device is generally called the Roll Motor Oppo and allows the screen to expand from a size of 6.7 inches to a maximum size of 7.4 inches. Not a lot, but the first attempt is impressive.

They help to operate two motors that apply the same forces on the screen so that the expansion is done in a uniform manner. Interestingly, the race can be up to 7.4 inches, but it can also be stopped in other dimensions (e.g. 7.1 inches).

To support this process, Oppo has developed an additional support called 2-in-1 Plater Display. It supports the screen and gives it rigidity throughout use.

The case consists of two parts: a fixed one, an area where you will find the hardware components, and a mobile one, which will help you get the screen up and running.

We will also find Warp Track technology for greater rigidity in the Oppo X 2021. We are talking about a process of laminating the screen on the inside, with a very thin layer of special material (0.1 mm at a thin point) (Oppo has not specified what type of material).

The Oppo X 2021 is a new and interesting idea, but we don’t know when we were able to see the first commercial smartphone with this technology running on the screen.


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