Wednesday , February 1 2023

Orange Money Romania signed a strategic partnership with Visa


Orange Money announced on November 20 a structured partnership with Visa, the way people make payments and simplify the way Romania's innovative digital financial solutions. "Mobile payment and contact technology, in particular, has spread very rapidly in Romania in recent years, in this context, Visa is a step-by-step collaboration through the services and deployments we offer through Orange Money. Orange customers want simplicity and simple service, money whether it is trying to communicate or manage it, and the mobile phone becomes a better solution. We are sure that you can make a significant contribution to the Romanian market in the development of mobile services in the Romanian market, "said Haris Hanif, Managing Director of Orange Money.

(photo – … from left to right: Elena Ungureanu – Country Manager Visa Visa in Rumanian, Adela Guedon – CFO Orange in Romania, Catalin Cretu – Within the Directorate General of Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia, Haris Hanif – Managing Director, Orange Money, Romania, Charlotte Hogg – CEO of Visa Europe, Liudmila Climoc – Managing Director, Orange Romania, Ulman Bern – Eastern European Executive Director Visaan)

For visa cooperation, Orange Rumania's financial services mobile customer special experience is designed to launch secure and secure payment settlements: mobile application, physical and virtual debit, NFC mobile payments smartphone and smartwatch.

"We will announce the long-term strategic strategic emergency with Orange, the largest mobile phone operator in Romania, and the Visa cards and Orange Money mobile payments first. Mobile payment systems are secured with Visa's Token Technology, which offers the highest standards for card data protection. It is rapidly changing and, in collaboration with Orange Money, is committed to protecting non-traditional players who work for the development of innovative solutions that are full of Visa's commitment to open-source banking, which makes the consumer interface more user-friendly, since 90% of POS terminals make payments without payment, I am convinced that the new mobile payments made with Orange will be attractive to the consumers of Romania "he says Catalin Cretu, Directorate General of Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia Visa.

With these solutions, Orange Money can choose the most convenient and convenient way to pay anywhere in the world.

Through this collaboration, Orange Money becomes Visa Master in Romania. Orange Money is a mobile service service that allows customers to access their digital account and with the IBAN code attached to their account, to pay for an account with another Romanian company and to make instant statements to another Orange Money user. The platform also offers the option to pay bills for more than 70 suppliers. In addition, the customer allows the card to be saved to their digital accounts, charging PrePay cards and paying the receipts of the services of Orange Romania.

Orange Rumania is in charge of the mobile telecommunications market, offering easy access to unrivaled mobile services over 10,900,000 customers. In this way, Orange Money is a pillar of strategy, through which Orange plans to meet the financial needs of its clients. Orange Money has grown rapidly in Romania, which has expanded over 120,000 customers over the past two years.

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