Friday , November 27 2020

Pfizer prepares powder version of Covid-19 vaccine • Hello Iasi •

Reporting the first results of the Pfizer vaccine has some pretty compelling news. The vaccine should be stored at very low temperatures, which is around -70 ° C. To solve this problem, the laboratory is preparing a powder version.

The long-awaited vaccine

Recently, Pfizer and BioNTech announced the termination of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine. Researchers have predicted 90% effectiveness in preventing Covid-19 infection based on the first results of a phase 3 study that is still being carried out on a large scale. These laboratories are awaiting marketing authorization for emergencies.

This announcement seems like good news, perhaps a concern. In fact, the researchers mentioned the need to store the vaccine at very low temperatures, between -80 ° C and -70 ° C.

Powder version

According to an article published by Business Insider on November 19, Pfizer announced that it is working on a second version of its vaccine. Pfizer scientist Mikael Dolsten explained that the lab is currently exploring more options for a new generation of vaccines. He specifically mentioned the powder version of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, which is due to launch in 2021.

This powdered vaccine could be a very interesting alternative, as it does not have to withstand extreme frostbite. Therefore, it could be easily accessed in the medical supply chain. Such a vaccine could be of interest to countries that do not have the resources to purchase the necessary super freezers. The problem also applies to developed countries, where they have started the race to get these expensive devices.

However, this concern about the storage temperature of the first version of the vaccine could be exaggerated. An article published by New Scientist on November 12 gave the floor to Thomas Madden, CEO of Acuitas Therapeutics. He spoke of a “precautionary measure” of around -70 ° C and claimed that there was no “technical temperature limit”. According to some experts, the Pfizer vaccine can withstand -20 ° C for two weeks as well as 2 ° C and 8 ° C for five days! Thomas Madden recalls in particular that Pfizer developed its vaccine so quickly that conventional stability tests were not performed.

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