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Rafael Nadal defeats Stefanos Tsisipas in three sets and qualifies for the Champions League finals

  • Nadal, who never won the Champions League, qualified for the sixth semi-final of his career in London, and will face Russian Daniil Medvedev (24, 4 ATP), who leads 3-0. direct match report.
  • In the second semi-final, Dominic Thiem (27, 3 ATP) will meet the winner of the match between Novak Djokovic (33, 1 ATP) and Alexander Zverev (23, 6 ATP). Zverev and Djokovic will meet today at 4pm in the decisive match of the “Tokyo 1970” team.

After the defeat of Dominic Thiem in the previous match, Nadal was put in the situation with Stefanos Tsitsipas, the champion of the Champions League, to play the decisive match. Participation? In second place in the box, Russian Daniil Medvedev was already qualified.

Rafa respected his favorite situation in the match with Tsitsipas and defeated the Greek in three sets, with the first two matches being very balanced. Nadal played solidly in the first set – he didn’t even have a ball to prevent it – and the weaker range worked out by Tsitsipas was enough for the Iberian to win his first set.

Although Rafa had a break from the start of the second set, the Greek gradually raised the level of the game and Nadal started to put up with his high difficulty game. With a 5-4 lead in his favor, Tsitsipas put pressure on Nadal’s serve, and Rafa threw in: he made a double mistake on the shot of the Greeks, and the match came to a decisive set.

Rafael Nadal - Stefanos Tsitsipas, Champions Championship+31 PHOTOS
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Nadal dominated the decisive dominance

The loss of the second round did not demoralize Nadal. On the other hand, the second number in the world has significantly increased the level of play. He dominated most of the last exchanges and had several raids inspired by the networks, and Tsitsipas found no answer. Nadal won three times in the service of his opponent and eventually won 6-2, a victory that is synonymous with reaching the finals.

32 shots straight winnerand Nadal had just 13 unforced errors in his match with Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Greek has made 21 unforced errors and has 24 “winners”

VIDEO Summary of the Nadal – Tsitsipas match

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