Monday , January 25 2021

Serious situation at the “Matei Balş” Institute in the capital. The limit has been exceeded

The “Matei Balş” Institute is one of the key hospitals that is literally struggling with the health crisis and is currently unable to cope with the number of SARS-COv-2 infected patients.

Presented by journalist Oana Zamfir in the session “Excessive force” the image of the health system disaster and the poor management of the pandemic.

“We were talking to the doctors of ‘Matei Balş’ at the last minute. They are in a very complicated situation at the moment, including Professor Streinu Cercel. I understand that he is still in the guard room at the moment trying to resolve the situation. They have 24 patients from the hospital boundary, or we are talking about the “Matei Balş” National Institute, said journalist Oana Zamfir in Antena 3’s “Excessive Power” session.

There is a struggle to save 24 patients

“At this hour he is trying to save, treat, distribute these people as soon as possible. Who needs oxygen at the moment? It is in an unimaginable state of fragmentation, sharing the same oxygen apparatus.”

Journalist Oana Zamfir: “If that happens in Balş, I think the situation is serious in many hospitals”

“I have never heard of‘ Matei Balş ’in the tone I heard tonight, and I wondered if these patients were coming by themselves or if there was a hand that distributed‘ Matei Balş. “The answer is no. The answer is that they came naturally.

I realize if it happens in Balş, I think the situation in many hospitals is critical. The number of patients is increasing under the conditions shown in the reports, it seems that the number of new infections is decreasing, ”said journalist Oana Zamfir.

Oana Zamfir also stated that the serious condition of the hospitals could not be covered

“This is happening from the stubbornness and bad faith of those who refused to adapt their policies from the beginning, not to next week’s camps, but to the reality in Romania,” said journalist Oana Zamfir.

The Government’s Strategic Communications Group has published its latest assessment of the coronavirus pandemic in Romania. Thus, in the last 24 hours, 172 new deaths were recorded, 8,499 people were infected with KOVID, and 1,226 people were hospitalized in Intensive Care.

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