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The Altex raffle for Sony PlayStation 5 has created a real scandal: – Hi-Tech Lifestyle


We learned two days ago that Altex will be holding a raffle through which those who receive a Sony PlayStation 5 console will be drawn.

It all started with a very small stock (660 consoles) and a very high demand. Altex thought of organizing a so-called raffle campaign, which means that the user pays for the product in advance, a raffle is held, the lucky ones receive the product, the unlucky ones get their money back. Simple, nothing new.

What has Altex done wrong in the face of this scandal?

Altex’s serious mistake was that this draw was organized on the go and changed based on reactions. When the campaign started, there was still a lack of information about the draw, so people thought it had a Sony PlayStation 5 in stock. Emails confirming the request also gave them that hope. Unfortunately, they received an email a few minutes later informing them that they were registered. “The big draw for the PS5”.

Altex later started updating his website with raffle information, but it was too late. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of users with orders also got on their nerves and invaded social media with complaints and grief. Many of them have complained to the ANPC and in this case some checks will be made.

The specialist press not only came into play and thus created one of the biggest scandals of the end of the year.

Altex considers himself innocent and although the truth is different, he says he organized this campaign correctly. The unrest over this issue forced the trader’s hand to close the draw much earlier, so the registration process will stop today, November 21, at 5:00 pm (it was initially November 24).

What will happen?

After the draw, there will certainly be a lot of people who won’t catch the console and will continue the scandal on social media a few days from now. There will be other brave ones who will sue Altex, but here too it will be a difficult and lengthy process.

The ANPC will issue some checks and will likely issue a symbolic fine to the Altex.

And that’s it. I don’t think anyone will be held responsible for this situation, I don’t think those who are happy will gain a lot.

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