Thursday , January 21 2021

The Romanian Patriarchate accepts the reason for his body Theodosius and asks the authorities to make a pilgrimage to the cave of St. Andrew the Apostle: An exceptional case for an exceptional case – Essential

The Romanian Patriarchate says it is “a necessary exception to the exceptional rule” and said that it is “concerned with the protection of the health of believers and the manifestation of their freedom of faith.”


The city of Constanța has been in quarantine since November 20 and church services are only allowed outside the buildings, except for those involving only church staff. For outdoor events, the 4 m2 / person standard will be respected, in compliance with health protection regulations. Funeral services are also allowed, only outside the buildings, with a maximum of 20 people attending.

IPS Teodosie asked the court to overturn the decision of the provincial emergency committee, which prohibits the participation in pilgrimages of persons who do not reside or reside in the places where these activities are carried out. This is in the context of the approaching feast of St. Andrew, and every year His Eminence Theodosius celebrates Holy Mass in the monastery of the “Cave of St. Andrew the Apostle” next to Ion Corvin, and thousands of people take part in the ceremonies. he refused the request of Archbishop Tomis.

Also on Wednesday, police imposed fines on several people who attended a church service in Constanţa without wearing a protective mask or respecting the rules of physical distance. Theodosius.

He spoke of the events of December 1989, when people were unhappy with abuses of power, then gathered around Timisoara around the house of the reformed pastor László Tőkés, who was then being abused, “even less in connection with our legitimate desire.” respect for our faith and dignity. “

  • “Don’t underestimate the desire of people in Constanța and other parts of the country to shout ‘God is with us’ again in the streets, to pray and live freely, without a new dictatorship. , you can bring faith and the right feeling.
  • May God give you the right thought to do what is truly useful to the people of this country and not to fight hard against God and those who believe in Him. Only once did the Son of God allow himself to be ridiculed … Give people the freedom to honor God, so that He will leave you where you have been forever, ”adds His Majesty Theodosius.

During the pandemic, Theodosius the Body stood out for its many controversial statements and actions. On the 16th of May, the day after the alert was given, the Archbishop of Tomis shared several children on the steps in front of St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Constance, using the same chalice and teaspoon.

Also, the Archdiocese of Tomis took an unprecedented decision: to restore the Renaissance service in all the churches and monasteries belonging to the Archdiocese on the night of May 25-26, a decision criticized by the Patriarchate.

In early July, in the midst of a pandemic, the Archbishop of Tomis attended hundreds of people in the church under conditions of zero social distance or protective mask and also challenged the rules sent by the Patriarchate to reopen churches. The service was held in a monastery in the town of Gheorghițeni, in the commune of Dorna Arini, in the county of Suceava.

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