Wednesday , January 20 2021

The TV shows can be secured with WhatsApp facial recognition

WhatsApp supports biometric security measures on iPhone, and it can be secured by facial or fingerprint scans.

Prior to the manufacturer's announcement, the latest version of WhatsApp's Apple smartphones added a biometric security option, according to user's usage and user preferences, reports

The old iPhone model can be secured by fingerprint scan and phone users over the last two years can choose fingerprint and facial scanning.

You can enable the new option Settings – Account – Privacy – Screen lock. Once enabled, the user will be prompted for authentication depending on the method you choose when opening the application.

WhatsApp needs biometric authentication, even when the user made the phone to unlock it. This is precisely the role of the new option, which intends to represent an additional layer of security.

Notifications and WhatsApp calls or calls can be performed without biometric authentication, even if the new option is enabled.

Officially, it is not known to launch this Android option, but there is information on the sources that are currently running, through a future update.


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