Saturday , January 28 2023

Three-quarters of Romanian have not tested for hepatitis C, although they can do it for free


According to research by the Romanian Disease Disease Association (APAH-RO), 70% of Roma have never tested for hepatitis C, most of them are aware. The seriousness of this condition.

Representatives of APAH have stated that lack of information is essential, especially if every insured person has the right to free trial only to the family doctor.

"The goal of the World Health Organization is to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. We must take important steps, such as prevention and diagnosis. Medical controls should not be fake, but we must become a daily routine in the medium and long term in our lives to prevent complications "said Marinela Debu, President of APAH-RO.

Moreover, most of them said that cancer and cirrhosis were complications due to liver disease, but 44% did not know how to prevent the disease. Additionally, due to lack of information, people acknowledge that they change their attitude, knowing that a close has hepatitis and does not interact.

"People who have been diagnosed with B hepatitis should know that in September of this year, the result of the cost volume of the Interferon free program has entered into force and, according to the new provisions, patients starting at the first level of fibrosis have access to treatment, as well as providing innovative therapies for their physicians in their settlement system in the Romanian market, so that the treatment of each patient is as personalized as possible "There have been representatives of the association.

They said that next season they will continue to test campaigns, this year they only contribute tests for 1,000 people, especially people from outlying areas.

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