Thursday , June 24 2021

TRAGEDIE movie world! ALAIN DELON's sad final! The actor will be MADE

The prestigious actor Alain Delon, 83 years old, admitted that he has an increasing weight on his health problems. He also said he did not want to bury it quickly.

"It's known where I will bury, but there are no explanations, they will bury them as all people, but they have not been mentioned in any way," said Charles Aznavour and Johnny Hallyday, national prayers.

Also, it may be extravagant that Alain Delon's friend wants to bury the animal and explain how it might be, writes news.

"I know what I know, I will not leave my dog ​​alone. If I die in front of me, I hope I will not take another one. If I die before him, I will ask the veterinarian to quit," said the actor.

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