Wednesday , January 20 2021

Viviana Sposub, in tears. What happened on the farm, on Pro TV

Viviana Sposub has no hesitation in showing off her shapes, and the TV cameras are ready to capture the young woman in a variety of exciting poses. She is not the only star to offer exciting images, one of the most famous singers who took part in the Farm on PRO TV, even giving inhibitions and creating love with a competitor.

In the latest edition of Ferma, Viviana Sposub showed how much she misses George Burcea.

Viviana Sposub was punished for speaking for 10 minutes with Mutulica (ed. A log), depicting George Burcea in front of her.

Significantly excited, Viviana Sposub admitted that she feels envious of her co-workers about their relationship. “George, you see how you left me among those people who are so envious of our relationship and joy and everything that has arisen between us but it’s nothing. You left me among them, but I got it, as promised. Everything goes according to our plan, our strategy according to “, admitted Viviana Sposub in front of Mutulica.

Viviana Sposub and George Burcea joined the Farm, on Pro TV

Viviana Sposube and George Burce officially form a pair and in real life, they were not alone on the farm: Orășeni vs Săteni. After the filming ended, they both learned that they were infected with the new coronavirus and put it together in their forties.

“We don’t live together, but I live in a home with my second child’s nose and I decided not to risk infecting him!” Said George Burcea. Viviana added: “I’m afraid I’ve been tied to a man for two weeks in my life! We think everyone loves us. We start from scratch, each one comes with its own past. And we’ve chosen to enjoy it today.”

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