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When Caragiale died, he smoked 80 cigarettes that night. He left Romania frustrated

Ion Luca Caragiale, one of the greatest Romanian playwrights, left an impressive opera. And today his plays are as current as they were when they were written. But behind the genius of Caragiale was the man, and his death was full of mystery.

Ion Luca Caragiale, the genius of Romanian comedy

January 30 marked the 168th anniversary of the birth of the late Romanian playwright Ion Luca Caragiale. Caragial, through his plays, offered us many new reasons and themes for our original fiction.

All these elements were not much developed until the Romanian literature itself. In his stories we can see his concern for human problems, their difficult substance. These stories brought great psychological and mysterious themes to the reader and viewer.

Caragial earned his living as a journalist, translator and prose writer. But he became best known for his plays. Caragial had little success throughout his life, but government censorship and legal issues often affected his work.

That was one of the reasons for choosing the path to escape. However, XX. In the middle of the century, he was recognized by critics as a promising writer. Caragiale was also known in the year contemporary society with him, and for her relationship with Veronica Mic and her rivalry with Mihai Eminescu. According to weather sources, there were clashes, threats and even blackmail in this impossible trio.

The playwright will travel to Berlin

The period of the years in which Caragial acknowledged glory were years full of political tension and mild morals. There are other reasons why they decided to go into exile with their family. In the first phase, in 1903, he moved to Cluj, and at one point was thinking of moving in with his family. Other locations, far away Little Paris, a city of light morale, there were also Brașov and Sibiu, but it did not go to the two cities.

“From there I would reach the port of refuge. There I could heal myself a lot with so much crime, sorrow and grief, there, with a calm spirit, I can continue my imperfect literary career, often interrupted by a deep despair,” Caragial said of Cluj. .

Despite all the declarations of admiration for the Transylvanian city, Caragial decides to go to Berlin after visiting Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and the Netherlands. Like many others, Caragial lost the country, but is working to sink it. While in Berlin, he manages to finish another comedy, “Titirca, Sotirescu & C-ia”, with the same well-known characters from the classic “Lost Letter”.

Caragiale and cigarette addiction

The playwright’s relatives knew he had a fondness for great drinks, which was not excessive, and a fondness for cigarettes. As for one or more cigarettes, Caragiale was the first to do so. Cella Delavrance tells how they found her in her room. Caragiale died after a night of smoking less than 80 cigarettes.

One morning Caragiale did not show up in the living room to hear Bach’s escape. Working alone, I began to study Schumann’s great sonata in a small phase, a dramatic and heavy piece. Suddenly, a scream broke the melodic excitement. I got up in fear and ran to Caragiale’s bedroom. The door was open. He slid to the floor next to the bed, his left hand pressed against the sheet. He had his head on his back, his face white, his eyes fixed. Terrified, his wife looked at him. He saw that he did not appear as usual, he dared to knock on the door at 11 o’clock. The silence worried him. He opened it, he saw it, he screamed. How can the place hurt so unexpectedly? “(Cella Delavrancea).

The great playwright died on June 9, 1912, at the age of 60, leaving his widow, Alexandrina Burelly, and two boys, Mateiu and Luca Caragiale. His work continues today to be one of the most important in Romanian theater and literature.

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