Monday , January 25 2021

Why was the 2021 MAN TGX Truck chosen?

The new MAN TGX was named the 2021 truck. Why did he receive the famous title that all truck manufacturers dream of?


The new MAN TGX was chosen as the International Truck of the Year at an online event. A jury of 24 journalists decides that the vehicle is modern, comfortable to drive, advanced in the chapter security and effective in terms of consumption. The model offers the main connectivity services and is easy to control its functions, wrote the website.

“This award is an extraordinary recognition of the excellent work of the MAN team. This team has been working for more than five years with one goal: to develop the best truck for drivers and customers. This precious award proves that we have succeeded!”

What did the jury rate on the new MAN GTX truck?

The members of the jury appreciated the ergonomics of the board and the simple and intuitive structure of the board instruments.

The MANG TGX is powered by highly efficient Euro 6D, D26 or D38 engines. They guarantee an 8.2% reduction in consumption compared to the consumption data provided for the previous generation.

Features such as Lane Return Assist and lane change assistance and assisted driving on roadblocks make the truck safer.

“It’s a truck that meets current and future transportation needs,” the International Truck President of the Year explained the jury’s choice.

To enter the Truck of the Year race, vehicles must be launched within the last 12 months. Jury members refer to issues such as technical innovations, reduction of use and maintenance costs, safety and care for the environment.

Romanians can vote for the 2021 car in Romania. Dacia Logan / Sandero is currently at the forefront of promoter readers ’preferences. You can change the ranking with one vote on the contest page.

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