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Biathlon World Cup 2020/2021 Individual (Women / Men) Live Stream 2020 28 November 2020

Pavel Panyshev

Latypov and Eliseev – each a mistake in the first trend. They walk side by side, Eduard – 19th, Matvey – 20th.

Pavel Panyshev

Loginov lost on the second line. Rivals are not without flaws – Johannes Boek scored a minute to get the first “trend”.

Pavel Panyshev

Loginov threw all the targets while he was lying down – he took the lead after the first line! And meanwhile, Johannes Boe went to the track with the number 26.

Pavel Panyshev

Loginov has the best acceleration of around 2.3 km among the first starting teams. Well Alexander started the race!

Pavel Panyshev

Alexander Loginov under the sixth number he went to the track. We watch and cheer!

Pavel Panyshev

Go! Felix Leitner was the first to reach the track. You can follow the progress of the race through us text transmission.

Pavel Panyshev

Start in 15 minutes! Perfect conditions for the race – almost no wind on the “-1” degree thermometer.

Pavel Panyshev

Who took him to the Russian biathlon team? And is the team ready to deliver results? All the answers are in our material.

“There is no one to choose from.” Who joined the Russian national biathlon team for the new season?

If you expect success from men, from girls, it’s just a feat or a miracle.

Pavel Panyshev

Twice biathlon world champion Dmitry Yaroshenko He was named the top favorite to win the 2020/2021 World Cup overall standings.

“I can’t say for sure who will win the Great Crystal Balloon, but I really hope the Norwegians Johannes Bue will compete with the French. And I deeply hope that Russian athletes will also interfere with the Norwegian.

But if objectively, the younger Bo should be afraid of French athletes. That is the theory. In practice, the main candidate for a World Cup victory is obvious – Johannes Boe, ”Sport24 told Yaroshenko.

Pavel Panyshev

The men’s race starts an hour later. The first Russian to go to the track Alexander Loginov, Who received the number 6. In the third ten the distance will go Matvey Eliseev (21.) and Eduard Latypov (28). Pyotr Pashchenko 70 begins, Semyon Suchilov – 93.

You can find the full list of participants here.

Pavel Panyshev

The training session was held the day before. The athletes are in a good mood as they get to the start of the season.

Pavel Panyshev

The “Championship” made bold, bizarre, and sometimes foolish predictions for this World Cup. What a season, such are the predictions. But don’t be surprised if they come true!

How Guberniev will eventually become the coach of the Russian national team. Strange biathlon predictions

He promises that the season is unusual. Therefore, the predictions are rather crazy. But don’t be surprised if they start to come true.

Mikhail Chesalin

Composition of the Russian national biathlon team in the first stage of KM-2020/21

Including the Russian men’s national team in the early stages of the World Cup Alexander Loginov, Matvey Eliseev, Anton Babikov, Evgeny Garanichev, Eduard Latypov, Pyotr Pashchenko and Semyon Suchilov… However, Babikov, who tested positive at COVID-19 and Garanichev, who was in contact with him, will not be working on Kontiolakhti.

The women’s team’s request was: Svetlana Mironova, Larisa Kuklina, Evgeniya Pavlova, Ulyana Kaisheva, Irina Kazakevich, Tamara Voronina and Anastasia Goreeva.

Mikhail Chesalin

The first stage of the Biathlon World Cup to be played in Kontiolahti

Let us remember the calendar of the initial stage of the World Cup. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, this weekend was expected to be the prelude to the season, but due to changes in the calendar, Kontiolahti was seen as only the first part of a two-week biathlon competition. At the start of the season, spectators will watch individual races and sprints.

November 28
13:00 – Individual race, men.
16:20 – individual race, women.

November 29th
12:30 – sprint, men.
15:40 – in the sprint, women.

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