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Do you smell cats, fish or cabbage? This is a diagnosis!

Recently, the network has a story about newborn infants with a strange and dangerous cystic fibrosis, which is the smell of maple syrup. The case has caused surprise and admiration.

But it is a smell of many diseases, science has long been known. Even though the smell of the patient has been delayed by doctors since ancient times. In the end, modern diagnostic methods – blood tests, CT, MRI did not exist.

Why is this happening? In the operating process, our body releases the substance that it does not require, resulting in some processes. And the unpleasant body odor does not mean that someone has forgotten to use deodorant. It can be a signal of distress.

I do not like something, dear!

Today, more and more scientists are sure to soon diagnose breathing or body scent.

Swedish scientists at Karolinska Institute (one of the largest medical universities) In europe) has resulted in the activation of immune systems accompanied by a specific smell in infections during infections. This result is obtained as a result of the research that was injected with 8 healthy participants and lipopolysaccharide: bacterial toxin or conventional salt water. After 4 hours, the participants took the shirts, cutting the sleeves and putting them in bottles.

Approximately 40 students have indicated their intensity, their sharp smell samples and how different is healthy. The smell of tee shirts with injected toxins was not so pleasant and not healthy for the students. The higher the body's immune response, the greater the smell of sweat.

It was celebrated in 2011 Russia Gonorrhea suggested that the sweat of a patient is a bad scent. Russian Siberian Scientists Tomsk and Kemerovo It was experimentally confirmed by the fact that women, through their natural scent, identified with an ill-fated man an ill-conceived subject. The 50% of women who participated in the experiment found the smell of the patient's body.

Artificial nose

According to the research published in the ACSNano journal, it can be diagnosed with lung cancer. Israeli scientists have developed a special NaNose device ("nanoNos"), which can diagnose lung cancer with an accuracy of 90% in the air exhaled. The device identifies the "smell" of the device by secretly blocking the cancer cells. Doctors can use this technology to diagnose other diseases – illnesses. Parkinson'sOther cancers, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn's disease with up to 86% accuracy.


What is the problem that says the smell.

Uses acetone

Diabetes is a condition that creates a pancreatic insulin, or for some reason the cells do not detect this hormone. As a result, glucose can not get tissues and organs. To compensate for the lack of glucose, the body begins to break fats. The body creates glucose and acetone from the fat. It begins with high ache overtake of acetone. This smell also resembles the smell of apple cuttings or nail polish treatment.

Smell cat

In some cases, the smell of feline salts can come from a person or, indeed, urea, ammonia smell. This is a sign that a person may have kidney or liver failure. The kidneys can not process all nitrogen and begin to release through the skin.

Ammonia's smell can also come from excessive protein in the body, such as excessive carb. You need to add a carbohydrate diet to eliminate smell.

Using sports supplements, vitamins and drugs, as well as some plants, such as asparagus, can cause the smell of ammonia.

Fish smell

If the patient has a smell of fish, then there is a high probability due to rare metabolic diseases, trimethylaminuria (a fish-like odor syndrome). This genetic disease is the accumulation of trimethylamine in the body. Trimethylamines are produced in the body by eating red meat, liver, eggs, dairy products and some vegetables. As a result, this smell of fishes has begun to breathe air, sweating, urine, air. The disease is not fatal, but it can cause illness and depression.

Boiled cabbage smell

A person may indicate the presence of genetic mutations due to the division of the amino acid tyrosine. As a result, the body accumulates amino acids with tyrosine, methionine, phenylalanine. This causes disorders in the kidneys and the liver, in the central nervous system. Amino acids accumulated in the body give the patient a distinctive smell boil aza


"The whole department smells". The doctors said how they smelled of the children's diagnosis

At the maple syrup, the disease is so rare that we encountered for the first time half a century at the hospital.

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