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Kommersant talked about the viability of regional regional projects. Policy: RBC


The main obstacles will be the weak linkages between the lack of financing and the evaluation criteria, and the global objectives of national projects will be taken into account by the regional authorities

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Russia's regions will reduce the "higher" references given by the national Council to national-level projects seven times between 115 and 22 years, found by Kommersant. The regional authorities also criticize the weakness of the established national feasibility criteria and their global goals.

The regional elections include comments on national projects, which were prepared by the National Council team on November 23 (a copy of the report is available). The State Council is under the Russian President's consultative body, chief of the heads of federation professors. Its main function is to ensure coordinated work of state institutions and regions.

Putin called on the ministers to "go without sleeping" when they were doing national projects

The report prepared by the work group was also evaluating the viability of each national project. One of them – The national project "Housing" was recognized by the regions as it was impossible to allocate funding. Four more national projects – the digital economy, science, culture and exports support – are executable as executable.

The feasibility evaluation of other national projects (including 13 of them, including a comprehensive spinal development plan) is not directly in the document. "Kommersant", however, points out that the opinion on the national ecological project is "quite positive" and national projects that support labor productivity and small and medium-sized enterprises "criticize the dissatisfaction of ideas and understanding."

In particular, the authors of the document indicate that the shareholding of small and medium-sized businesses in the GDP should not increase beyond 10-20 years, and that the first national project may be one or two years before the year 2024.

The Government will send more than 5.5 trillion rubles to national projects in three years.

However, most of the claims of the regions are financing. Governors are afraid of the disagreement between the national projects and the financing of passports and planned until 2021, to finance the execution of national regional budget projects, as Kommersant says. Likewise, there is also a systemic disagreement between the national feasibility of national project projects and national targets, especially in educational and health projects.

Among other regional objects, there is a lack of a regulatory framework and the objectives of national projects are not harmonized.

The report also lists the possible risks that impede implementation. For example, seismic activity in the region refers to the risks of establishing a national project on housing markets in kamchatka. Another risk (not only the housing market project, but also the risk of other national projects) may be a high-potential construction activity that may affect the labor market due to a shortage of construction materials.

The Chamber of Accounts noted in advance that the expenditure indicated in national projects significantly exceeds the budgeted investment funds. The total amount of federal budget expenditures is 13 national passport passports, 14.91 trillion rubles. six years However, the federal budget does not include all the resources. Discordance is 1.2 trillion rubles. In 2019-2021 years.

The director of the Treasury Department, Anton Siluanov, pointed out in mid-October that the major departments did not present financing proposals for all national projects and had a good distribution of regional funds.

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