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Maxim Galkin’s favorite women: with her, she played novels before Alla Pugacheva

It has been almost 20 years since the lecture on the unbalanced marriage of two successful people died. Galkin never stops raising his wife, but did he fall in love before he met Pugacheva? He never talks about his personal life and prefers to laugh waiting for Allah to choose him.

Who are the girls Maxim Galkin sought in his time?

Yulia Busil

Maxim’s father was a military man, and the family often changed residence. He finished school in Moscow. Maxim’s first love happened on the 10th level. FROM WHERE Julia Busil he sat down at a table. Mutual feelings were aroused among the young people. It lasted a year, but after graduating, the love affair ended.

Now they meet as regular classmates.

Anastasia Chernobrovina

Maxim was found Anastasia Chernobrovina they were driving at an event. Maxim liked the girl a lot, and began to take good care of her. Maxim gave expensive gifts, soaked in flowers, visited restaurants and movies. They tried not to announce their relationship. Nastya has repeatedly admitted that Maxim is not the hero of her novel. He was very humble and undecided in his dealings with her. There was no closeness between them. The girl was a good friend, but no more. One day, Pugacheva appeared in Chernobrovina’s locker room.

After this visit from the star, the relationship ended.

Author: Svetlana Trukhanova

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