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Photo, video review, statistics, Kevin Labank's great goal, Brent Burns 4 points

On Tuesday, San Jose played for the first time in the seventh game with Vegas and in the middle of the third quarter that burned 0: 3. Everything that happens then everyone knows. Ahead of the "Golden Knights" Cody Ikin was sentenced to 5 minutes (later the judge's mistake of the NHL court complaint), and "Sharks" scored four goals in the majority after finishing in the opponent's match. One of the main players in this game, Sharks forward, was a 23-year-old Kevin Labank. The striker Americana striker played in four goals in his team in the main time (1 + 3) and repeat the outcome according to the number of points in each period. Earlier, only four legends and stars lacked twenty points: Mario Lemieux (twice), Maurice Richard, Tyler Seguin, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Mogilny, and Brad Richards. No business bad

Labanka's "Vegas" goal was not won, all Jonathan Marshesso was blamed, he took the extra time for the meeting. The Americans got their job three days later. On Friday, San Jose opened the Western pilots with a home game against Colorado, and this time Labanka puck was decisive. The second period ended four minutes before it was over and it was very cool. Kevin pushed around the red line around the puck, ran into the Avalanche area and moved parallel to the blue line. Mikko Rantan turned to him, and with him, Labank pampered the stupidities between Finland's legs. In the last season he won the Stanley Cup winning Philip Grubauer. Beauty!

In addition to Labanka, sharks were also veterans. 34 years old Brent Burns was the first advocate in the franchise history, 4 points in a single playoff match. The bearded man threw his team into goal with the mad threshold of the table and ended the match with a 4.

And, of course, it is not forgotten that 39-year-old Joe Thornton. After Burns was backed by the help of the dishwasher, Jumbo Joe was an active third player, Stanley gave 100 programs. He also went to the "Lawns" portal, with a partner with Marcus Sorensen, who was waiting for her to spend with her partner and after a short pause.

Still knowing that everything was not so smooth on Friday with Sharks, Colorado was twice the bill. Still, all the NHL clubs that played in seven matches in the first round of the playoffs won the first round match. However, the tone of the game is a lot. 5: 2 – "Sharks" were brought to the Western final, and two Russian hikers brought Nikita Zadorov and Semyon Varlamov on vacation. The series is just the beginning.

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