Monday , January 18 2021

Streisand changed his mind to protect Michael Jackson's pedophilia: Rambler / news

American singer-songwriter Barbara Streisand explains her previous statement about "Leaver Neverland", Michael Jackson's accused of pedophilia. About this he writes the Washington Post.

Earlier, when he commented on the movie, Streisand denounced Wade Robson and James Seyfchae, the parents of heroes of Leaver Neverland, that Jackson's harassment was not killed. After these words, the singer fell with criticism.

In a comment on The Washington Post, Streisand explained that there is no "state of affairs or situations that anyone can use for childless innocence."

"It is painful to listen to stories shared with these two young men, and I am only sympathy for them," said Streisand.

At the same time, he adds that his parents' primary duty is the protection of children. According to him, the parents of Robson and Seyfchak were also victims of fame and fantasy.

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