Monday , January 18 2021

The American coronavirus vaccine began to be distributed around the world

The American vaccine began to be distributed around the world

Photo: Bebeto Matthews / AP Photo

The US airline United Airlines has started vaccinating Pfizer against coronavirus in countries around the world. As reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Pfizer plans to distribute the vaccine to warehouses in the U.S. states of Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Belgium and Germany. Dozens of planes take it to transport the vaccine. According to the publication’s source, they make “hundreds of flights a day”. Several other passenger and freight companies are also preparing to transport the vaccine.

Delivery of the drug began despite U.S. FDA regulators not yet approving the vaccine and considering it being marketed in mid-December.

On November 18, Pfizer announced that its vaccine was 95 percent effective. The effectiveness of the vaccine was the same for all ages and ethnic demographic groups. No serious side effects were reported. In the study of more than 43 thousand volunteers, 170 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, of which 162 received placebo.
It was later learned that the approximate cost of the Pfizer vaccine for EU countries will be 15.5 euros (almost 1400 rubles) per dose. The price was set by an EU official who was involved in the supply negotiations. In total, the EU plans to spend 4.6 billion euros on 300 million doses of the drug.

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