Tuesday , January 19 2021

The owner shared his joy with Renault Arkana

The French also showed an average economic consumption – between 6.0 and 8.5 liters.

Photo: Renault Arkana, source: Renault
Photo: Renault Arkana, source: Renault

The 2019 Renault Arkana looked expensive, but overall comfortable and practical. Some of the shortcomings didn’t even obscure the pleasant impression, notes the enthusiastic owner of the Wroom portal, who switched from Logan to “sister” to Arkana.


In “Arcana” the gas pedal works well and the box is no different from “stupidity”. And the acceleration didn’t disappoint either: after the “Logan” machine flew – the acceleration is great, even when loading the trunk and interior.


In this regard, the “Frenchman” is also happy: there is no reaction, all the movements are clear and good. Especially compared to Logan or Kaptur – there seems to be no amplifier on the steering wheel.


Everything is like the old Logan – okay, assures the owner. Of course, the smoothness of the route, like in a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, isn’t here, but “Arkana” isn’t a premium class either. Ground clearance is also enough – it takes a car off the road.


Renault Arkana is pleased with the presence of integrated systems that ensure driving comfort – from parking sensors to modern “cruisers” and “multimedia”. The driver stated that he did not understand how he lived without him because “Logan” could not be proud of that.


  • The smell of the “washer” when driving is annoying, even if the manufacturer doesn’t have any instructions yet.
Photo: Renault Arkana beauty salon, source: Renault
Photo: Renault Arkana beauty salon, source: Renault
  • In the parking lot, the camera didn’t turn on several times, but it was a failure of the head unit. The seller has promised to update it soon.

Otherwise, the driver was incredibly happy with the Renault Arkana. The car has excellent suspension and ground clearance, many functions and high altitude dynamics. “The machine has sunk into my soul,” the engine says to his delight.

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