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Victoria Ooh! Session, Ksenia Sobcha has allergies to beautiful women

11:01, 02.27.2019

The old-fashioned "House-2" star lasts almost a week.

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Victoria Boney lasted for several years between 39 years and 37 years of Ksenia Sobcha. The girls met in the "House-2" group, and for a moment, it made a significant difference. What was the exact cause of disgust in the past is not entirely clear. Thus, the model convinces the television presenter to participate in scandalous publications of intimate photographs. In addition, women seem to have told Ksenia that Ulyana Sergeen's designer show was keen to watch the show on television. In the end, Bonya is convinced: Sobch reluctantly fits her, Russia goes further. In the end, the journalist was not invited to participate in international events, as noted by the 39-year-old.

Vika and Xenia were not communicated for a long time, but they did not enter into open confrontation. However, about a week ago, a new conflict between the "House-2" stars emerged. That's why Sobchak confirmed the channel of Telegram because of the luxury of Boni's lifestyles. "This is very funny. Victoria Ooh!" Life's luxury "is supposed to be, and then she tries to shout her daughter," we do not live here "trying to say" aaaaaa. "Public people commented stories (author's spelling and scoring change they are given without. More or less. Ed.).

Victoria Boni's daughter unexpectedly revealed that a star does not live in a hotel

Victoria Ooh! Soot daughter

The attacks by Ksenia Anatolyevna produced almost the same resonance of the video that Angelina-Letitia was at 6 years old. Of course, Victoria could not help but respond to the provocation. So he lived in Instagram, called "pathetic" host behavior. "About Sobchak, guys … I had a conversation with the portal, you are reading about Sobchaki, about its miserable desires, and so to speak," said the social lions with a smile.

A little later, Bonia explained why Angelina-Letitia said she did not think she was living a villa. "We needed to leave the hotel, but it was still there one day, so her daughter said. I love myself and justify myself to those I see," said the famous. To help his words, he also published a video and added it to the host, they were filled with personalized cookies. With a video star Xenia photo, sign: "Ksenia Sobchak's face, when she learned that we lived in this hotel. Swipe to the right to see "face".

Victoria Ooh! So I justified the words of my daughter, who allegedly did not live in a luxurious hotel, and ridiculed Ksenia Sobchak

But Vika did not stop. In the next live show, Sobchak is an allergy to beautiful women. "Many people can not say that I think everything is okay. Anyone who writes evil things about me is an envious person. Sobchak does not have to do anything. It does not seem like his life. I do not care, I do not know what he's doing – Ksenia It blocked me on Instagram, take care of itself, a child, my husband, and then find happiness, it's allergic to beautiful women, "said Boniak.

Incidentally, Ksenia repeatedly declined the face of Anatolyevna Victoria. According to society, the ugly look of the journalist completely reflects his inner world. "Sobchak writes only to attract attention to himself, his shameful person. I do not talk about his ugly appearance, it's ugly. He hates me, when I was the first participant in the project, I suddenly appeared in international events and that's why I was shocked It was made and nobody knows where there … Do you understand this ugly thing? That's why it gives it a look, the next time it will be a crocodile or rat, do you know? ", wrote the model.

Victoria Bonya Neymar footballer's birthday party

Ksenia Sobchak premiered the play "Ai Fak" Konstantin Bogomolov. tragedy "

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