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«مش سهل» (حوار) sitting on the advertiser seat

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Latifa confirmed that the presentation of the programs is a difficult experience, she tried to prepare her new "Tales Latifa" program, which was soon presented and presented in contemporary Egyptian dialogues as well as a ready-made play and a new song written in the upper dialect. Looking for a national song for the upcoming period. Text of the conversation:

Artist Latifa

Start your new "Tales of Latifa" program. Why are you excited about this idea?

– The decision of the writer's presidential seat was not easy, and I need a lot of demands, with the idea that they can face, with mass production, the highest quality and the best technology, with a concert hall with 30 musicians and choir who have found "Tales nice" The giant of lighting and screens, as well as the main stars and singers of the Arab world, presented me in a different format. I was not impressed at the scene artistically and intellectually.

■ About the highlights of the first season of the program?

– Episode 13 season, show every week, starting on February 7 at DMC, Hany Shaker, Medhat Saleh, Mahmoud Al Osaily, Hakim, Walid Tawfiq, Wael Jassar, Ziad Burji, Ihab Tawfiq, Mohamed Al Sharnoubi … and others.

■ Your guests are only male singers … Why?

– During this season, the vision of production and preparation was only for "men", and I hope that we have tried to develop the idea of ​​the audience all the time, and in the last paragraph, there was not much singing in the last chapter of each event to recover the heritage of excellent songs. For singers, it was a hassle for guests and they have to keep singing songs.

■ After 10 years of experience as a presenter for your return, "Do not sing". Is not it the challenge?

– It is not a challenge, and I think that it is the second step in Egyptian production, that all the aspects of "Yalla Ngni" have shown a completely different way and that the standard things are the calculations and choices that are responsible for my work and development and became important for the development of Furmaten. The paragraphs and training teams that were the paragraphs were very hard … But the result, even when God is ready, is very happy.

■ The frequency of the program was 70 million pounds?

– It is true, from my point of view, how excessive it is, it is true that the stars of the first line of the largest production in the world of Arabs were hosted, but I do not think that this is a figure and we do not allocate a quote in the right places, because our goal is to have a great deal of audience. And the hallmark of how many entertainment programs on the song were presented in recent years, and the bet on the difference.

■ How did the Latifa train sit on the second seat of the second time?

– First of all, I do not have a movie theater, and before preparing the "Nice Tales", I prepared courses for radio broadcasting on Antoine Kasabia. It lasted 10 days. I was a lot trained and I wanted to learn the rules of the media. However, I danced in some episodes and I took a "crazy" discussion session with my friends, and we worked on the selection of songs and songs we sang.

■ Did you specify a specific message or message?

– The media was influenced by Laila Rustam, which is why she was the owner of a private school, herself and with confidence and strong presence.

■ At the song level you are preparing a new album … What is its detail?

– I have recorded 6 songs that I have collaborated with Amr Al Masry, Samer Abutaleb and others. I work with them for the first time. I am ready to work together with the great musician Ziad Rahbani between Beirut and Egyptian artworks.

■ Do you go to concerts in the coming periods?

– Arrived at the concerts in February, Lebanon, Dubai and Alexandria.

■ What is the real song you sing in the upper part?

– I finished a song at the top level, I think it's very close to me and my family, and I did not imagine it to attract it, and I recorded and copied it and I heard my mother and my brothers, and they surprised me with a very quick response and soon .

■ How do you watch singing with a nice market and music offline?

Al-Masry Al-Youm Interviews «Latifa»

– The casette collapsed, the future of the Digital and the mazes, and confronts many challenges. The singer produces and produces herself repeatedly, especially if the large production companies only disappear and distribute.

■ You are a producer of your work and you are the owner of your archive. Why? What is your advice for singers now?

– I learned from musicians such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez, when Voice Art was born, movies, songs and poems that were the owner of Arab music world music, while Mohamed Fawzi was producing and Umm Kulthum was productive. If you are a company interested in Mtarbi, this is definitely positive and lucky, in my opinion, now an artist can make a song or join a partner, I'm a producer, and artists can create small companies to produce Singel's albums or songs or performing a musical theater.

■ In your opinion, in Arabic, is "Namber Wan" a singer?

– It's not the only singer, they can be the same in a particular group or sector, and I think that the singer "Namber One" lives years like life, album or song, like Live Umm Kulthum and Fairuz planet.

■ Some actors sang. How do you see these experiences, Mohammed Ramadan?

In the digital era, any person can be sung or uneducated for purchase, and I have experience with a creative and artistic experience with being human.

■ About the Draft?

I think it's a dream of my life, and I had experience with Mansour Rahban, and I was writing a job now, and God will help you establish it in the coming months.

■ Nice will take her second feature film soon?

Today, we live in a television drama, and I think cinema has dropped a bit, so I'll select a series that will return to the screen after 2020 for the "password".

■ Influence of Lebanon and Arab refugees. How can they help?

– I participate with the United Nations in convoys sent to people who suffer from the camps, and there is a campaign that goes outside. I encourage refugees involved.

■ Artist and politics. How do you see the relationship?

This artist has nothing to do with politics, and it's in Fairuz, Shadia and Umm Kulthum. It's like art, the world and politics are completely different in the world. He must be in touch with his country and his Arab country. It is necessary to provide support, but the political artist is not acceptable. li

■ Are you a national, Tunisian or Egyptian song?

– It has all the time, and soon it will be necessary, I will definitely not be late.

■ Recent albums were launched. What was your attention?

– Singing the powerful album returning to Amal Maher is very important, as a fan of his voice, and one of the most important scenes, as well as the King Mohammed Munir, and many of them, and everything that is enriching is a creative situation.

Thank you for your follow-up. Latifa: The guest chair seat is not easy (interview) on the Rihan News website, and we want to track our official channels through social networks to keep up with the latest developments and events.

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