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3 serious loopholes … how your phone can be a spy tool


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The information security researchers have described the most dangerous three holes that they have ever seen, as an intelligent spy device for any smartphone.

A study by US researchers revealed three serious security threats to spy on a mobile phone in 4G and 4G networks.

These weaknesses allow hackers or hackers to spy on cell phone calls, location locations of users, or fake messages from users' phones, as researchers from the University of Bordeaux and Iowako have said.

Researchers call telecommunication companies and mobile phone manufacturers around the world to launch a more robust infrastructure for 4G and V networks to address these serious gaps.

These three voids were:

Torpedo (Torpedo):

The hacker's temporary loophole allows the phone calls in a very short time, during which a phonetic hacker phone call can be sent to a phone call, hackers can track the location of the phone and monitor the user.

Hole (Piercer):

This place allows the user to connect a phone number to an IMSI device, to phone calls and deceive users, simulate a user-friendly signal that allows a hole to enter, so that an intruder touches his or her calls.

cracking (IMSI-Carcking):

This weakness is the most serious of the three holes in the past, informing the hackers of all the information and data on any smartphone and a complete identity installed on its fifth generation network.

Hackers also posted their website, sent false messages and turned on phone calls, text messages, and chat messages.

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