Wednesday , November 25 2020

Al-Hilal has signed a contract with “Amouri Jadid” for millions of rials … a big surprise

Reports revealed The journalist, about the lively crescent movements, signed a “big bargain” to secure the future First football team.

The Hilal administration has received strong criticism for failing to sign contracts with young players, considering Omar, the most prominent star in the first football team, as Al-Nasr builds a generation of Saudi talent to control tournaments in the near future.

According to reports, Al-Hilal wants to regain his great talent, 17-year-old Khaled Ali Al-Asbahi, who joined the club’s various Sunni teams, before leaving in 2018.

Al-Asbahi, Manchester United kidnapped Lamasia’s talent

Although he was only born in 2003, Al-Asbahi, born in the capital Riyadh, has had several important professional experiences, whether in Saudi Arabia or Europe.

Al-Asbahi Walid Al-Madouh was one of the discoveries of former Hilala player, who joined Baraem in 2013, with whom he won the Kingdom Championship after winning the final with a three-pointer, from which he scored.

In 2016, Al-Asbahi was chosen to join the “La Masia” academy of the Spanish club in Barcelona and to carry the team’s badge at the Dubai Winter Championships in Bahrain and Spain.

And just one year at the Barcelona academy was enough for the Catalan giants to choose Al-Asbahi among the top 20 talents in the world, at the “La Masia” school.

During 2018, his Excellency Councilor Turki Al Sheikh, then Head of Public Authority for Sports, requested a meeting with the young player and informed him of his scholarship to him at Manchester United (England).

– Go to the Emirates and relive Omar Abdul Rahman “Amouri”

It is a great surprise that after the end of the Al-Asbahi fellowship period the English giant went to the Emirates and did not return to Al Hilal again, as Al-Ahly joined the Dubai youth team.

With this amazing step, Khaled Al-Asbahi brought back memories of the great international star emirate Omar Abdul Rahman “Amouri”, who also started his football career in the Al Hilal team.

Amouri was born in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Riyadh, and is originally from Yemen, where Hadar Mutah is the governor., No He started playing football, at a very young age, on the streets of the capital, especially in Malaz Square.

And explorer Abd al-Rahman Issa made the request, contacted him and asked him which clubs he played for. To join in 2000, with Baraem Al Hilal, who had been with him for 5 years.

Nasser bin Thaaloub Sheikh, an honorary member of the Emirate club Al Ain at the time, asked his friend Abdulrahman Issa to look for talented young players. Amouri’s story.

Bin Thaaloube applied for a passport to Amuri and enrolled them in the Al Ain camp in Germany, After the club’s management and coach were unsure of the player’s level, they decided to grant him Emirati citizenship and his entire family moved to the Emirates.

Amouri took part in the first official match with Al Ain in the 2008-2009 season in the Communication Cup Championship against Al-Ahly and was 17 years old. Alone.

– Al-Hilal has bought Al-Asbahi “his school graduate” for millions of riyals

Therefore, if Al-Hilal wants to return to the Al-Asbahi group, he may have to pay millions of riials to achieve this, especially since the latest news confirms that the Basque Country has begun procedures to grant citizenship to Amuri’s successor in the national team in the play and wing industry. . .

Al-Hilal returned Amouri to his first football team in 2018 when he was loaned out for a sporting season.

Despite reports that Amouri’s indebtedness deal was free, the player’s agent admitted that Al Hilal had paid 45 million riials in favor of Al Ain, 15 million for the same player.

Amouri presented the start of a fascinating season when he returned to Al Hilal, which stole the hearts of fans, but the injury had a cut on his cruciate ligament to end his career early with the leader and return to the Emirates, specifically for the Al-Jazeera club.

The question now arises .. “Will Al Hilal repeat Amour’s experience again … and this time with great talent, Khaled Ali Al-Asbahi ?!”

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