Friday , December 3 2021

Al-Winch, Zamalek’s defender, has announced that he has recovered the Crown: “My soul, may God take you.”


Mahmoud Al-Wensh, Zamalek’s advocate, announced the recovery of the Crown virus he had endured throughout the past and Al-Winch wrote via his Instagram account: “Those who don’t thank people don’t thank God, they thanked me and thanked me to the people and they calmed me down and prayed for healing, may God bless you and our Lord the Lord, who takes away all evil, is a negative anointing.

The trio of Mahmoud Al-Wensh, Abdullah Gomaa and Yusef Obama infected the Crown virus in the final of the African Champions League, two finals of the match between Al-Ahly and Zamal, two poles at the Cairo stadium at the historic summit, and Al-Ahmar’s victory with two goals, and the African while he earned the title for the ninth time in its history. The players are white from this match until today.

Zamal met with players from the management team in a session with adviser Mohamed Attia, the Commissioner for Football Affairs, who confirmed that there are some special prizes for the players to win the first five matches of the Premier League and will immediately collect them in the locker room. After each game is over, to motivate the players to get the strongest start in the League Championship, the players ’fees will be recovered tomorrow, Monday, and tomorrow, Tuesday, at the latest.

Zamal, led by Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, is preparing to compete in the new season, and the whites will meet with Arab contractors in the first round of the 2020-2021 Premier League competition for the 2020-2021 season, the Football Association Competition Committee announced on December 11 where it seeks. The sons of the dead are an obstacle to starting league competitions in a strong way to reconcile the masses after the end of the previous season, winning second place in the first league standings with Al-Ahly, in addition to Al-Abyad’s Egyptian Cup farewell last season, losing half of the army vanguard. The final of the local tournament.


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