Sunday , August 18 2019
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Apple offers its phones with new cameras and new technologies

Apple informs Apple next year that Apple intends to provide its iPhone with high resolution camera and new technology and will be equipped with a camera with laser sensors.

Bloomberg mentions Apple's iPhone for the next year to provide its smartphones for 2020 by offering 3D cameras with laser sensors.

According to leaked information, the new camera will be equipped with a laser scanner and reach 5 meters distance, without damaging the quality of the image and one of the new features that will be integrated into the new iPhone.

In addition, the device iPhone will fit into three rear camera systems, the third camera will be more sophisticated and the electronic chip will be upgraded to DW.

Apple's new phone capabilities will improve the virtual world of iPhone cameras. In addition, modern technologies will allow better images and full resolution. The source also reveals that Apple talks about Sony by analyzing the new system sensors.

The Wall Street Journal revealed before 2020 that Apple intends to stop displaying screen displays and replace it with high quality OLED displays.

Today Apple uses three-dimensional face recognition technology; the camera can work between 25 and 50 cm to identify the face of the person.


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